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Online fundraising built specifically for K-12 schools and districts

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Today’s school districts face both new and ongoing challenges. Shrinking budgets combined with ever-increasing expenses often mean that schools must fundraise to provide their K-12 students with a quality education.


Fundraising software offers school districts an opportunity to implement and manage this kind of campaign, but with so many options, how do you know which one to pick? Livingtree Give is school fundraising software that steps into the gap with a program designed specifically for individual schools and districts.

Livingtree Give Plans

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School Plan

Manage online fundraising in coordination with your school PTA, teachers, clubs and boosters

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District Plan

Create a transparent fundraising process for every school, teacher, PTA, club, and booster in the district

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Fully PCI Compliant

Multi-Tier Campaign Approval Process

Audit Trail of All Campaign Activities

Accounting Code Entry Process

Detailed Campaign & Donation Reporting

Accounts for Teachers, PTAs, Clubs & Boosters

Multiple Fundraising Options

Low Transaction Fees

Public School Fundraising Page

Donor & Contact Management

Unlimited Mass-Email Communications

District-Level Campaign Approval Steps

District Finance Team Approved Reporting

District & Education Foundation Accounts

Customized District Public Fundraising Page

Corporate Sponsor Visibility

Corporate Donation Management

“Donation” Button Design & Website Integration

Unlimited Fundraising & Administrative Accounts

Dedicated Success Manager

One location for fundraising creation and management

Give: The Ability to Manage Every School Fundraising Campaign

Give is an online fundraising management system that allows your district to take control of your online fundraising/crowdfunding activities with tools like built-in automated campaign approval processes, campaign accounting code tracking, detailed reporting of all campaigns and easy donor marketing. Other crowdfunding platforms may let you set up fundraising websites for schools, but they may also allow anyone from the district to go on the site and raise money for anything. Give’s unique fundraising management system allows districts to take control and manage all their fundraising efforts with complete oversight of every campaign.

School fundraising is rife with potential issues and drawbacks. School districts may face legal and financial consequences and also risk damage to their reputations if things go wrong when district members raise funds through crowdfunding. Those that lack control are open to serious liabilities while those that don’t allow crowdfunding are forgoing the significant benefits that fundraising can deliver.

Livingtree Give is the only online fundraising application built specifically for K-12 school districts that has built-in automated campaign approval processes, campaign-accounting code tracking, detailed reporting of all campaigns and easy donor marketing.

Benefits of Using Give for Your School or School District

Choose Livingtree Give for your school or district’s fundraising CRM platform and you’ll access the following benefits:


  • You can can vet every fundraising campaign with a customized multi-step approval process.
  • You can route and easily disperse funds from a single district account in real time.
  • You can attach your district’s unique accounting codes to every campaign for easy tracking and fund disbursement.
  • You can generate reports for details on campaigns, funding and donor contacts.
  • You can reach thousands of potential donors with our customized website integration and promotional tools.
  • You can track and manage every donor that contributes with contact manager.

With Give, school fundraising is simple, efficient and cost-effective. We make it easy for you to to develop campaigns, raise money and disperse needed funds while tracking donors and donations.

If you’re looking for school fundraising applications for your school or district, Livingtree specializes in helping schools fundraise legally, ethically and transparently. We started our company with two missions in mind — to enhance family engagement and to help support schools by providing them with fundraising tools designed specifically for school-wide and district-wide campaigns. Contact us today to learn how we can help your school.

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