Nurture International School – “Go For It!”

Dr. Stella Pandhare, Principal of Nurture International School, says “Go for It”

Nurture International School is in their second year using LivingTree. During this school year alone, Nurture International has shared 5600 posts, 440 files, 160 events, and 4800 photos. They are realizing their vision of building a strong and vibrant community. Dr. Stella Pandhare shares more of her school’s story below.

Describe your parent engagement strategy and methodology prior to LivingTree. Prior to LivingTree we used conventional methods such as sending printed newsletters to parents.

Why did you decide to use a new method or tool for parent engagement? We wanted to build a strong and vibrant community in our school. Schooling does not happen in a vacuum. We deal with parents, children, and teachers day in and day out. We deal with their emotions and apprehensions. Every stake holder of the school needs to be on the same page for the child to benefit the most. Our relationship with the parents is very important for us to help the child in the right manner. We were looking for an elegant and scalable technology platform for our solution. After much careful consideration, we adopted a new innovative social communication platform called LivingTree.

What are some of the positive outcomes your school has identified with LivingTree? LivingTree has united all parents, students, and staff and created a vibrant, engaged community with a true sense of togetherness. It has enabled us to provide transparent, on-time communications to parents and allows feedback on all school related activities and information. Information is easily accessible to parents on the web, iPhone and Android devices. Parents are “always connected” to the school and the staff is easily accessible to the parents. The staff is aware of parent concerns and can take immediate measures. Daily activities in the class are captured by the teacher and shared with the parents. Teachers share lessons plans, special activities, and notes with parents and students.

What LivingTree feature is most useful to your staff? Creating events.

How do you encourage teachers who are hesitant to use LivingTree for engagement? We ensure that all teachers are brought together on the platform. To accomplish this, the school senior staff collaborates with all staff to create awareness about the initiative at all levels. We discuss how LivingTree can eliminate clerical work and create a good rapport between the school and the community.

What would you do if LivingTree went away? It would leave us significantly handicapped.

What one thing would you say about LivingTree to others? LivingTree can help bridge communication gaps and bring your community closer. It is a secure platform for positive communication. It will increase parent involvement in school wide activities. So, go for it!

LivingTree Announces First Round of Drako Grant Recipients

LivingTree Announces First Round of Drako Grant Recipients

One Million Dollar Grant Helps PK-12 Schools Across the Country Deepen Family & Community Engagement via Tiered Social NetworkR

AUSTIN, TX, May 3, 2017 – LivingTree today announced that it has awarded $250,000 in first round Drako Community and Family Engagement Grants for Schools to districts and campuses throughout the United States. A diverse set of PK-12 school communities representing 11 different states and varying socio-economic needs were awarded the first round Drako Grants. The grants provide a private, secure LivingTree Tiered Social NetworkR — including all engagement features, SIS integration, setup, upkeep, training, and support — at no cost for one year.

The first round awards represent 25% of the Drako Grant total set at $1 Million as announced in April 2017. Due to the strength and volume of applications, awards are being made in rounds. Early grant recipients have the opportunity to immediately begin implementation planning towards goals shared on their applications.

“It’s a true honor to help schools create family and community partnerships that will positively impact student achievement,” said Dean Drako, grant benefactor and LivingTree Chairman. “The variety of the schools that have applied demonstrates that family engagement is a universal objective regardless of the location, environment, or grade level.”

LivingTree is excited to share the first round recipients.

First Round Grant Award Recipients

  • St. Lucie Public Schools – Fort Pierce, FL
  • Union County Public Schools – Monroe, NC
  • Alexander City Schools – Alexander, AL
  • Crockett County C.C.S.D. – Ozona, TX
  • Southwest ISD – San Antonio, TX
  • Jacksonville City Schools – Jacksonville, AL
  • Edward Bleeker JHS 185 – Flushing, NY
  • Firelands Montessori Academy – Huron, OH
  • New Caney ISD – New Caney, TX
  • Holy Name Central Catholic Jr/Sr High School – Worcester, MA
  • Newberry Academy – Newberry, SC
  • South Clearfield Elementary School – Clearfield, UT
  • St Martin High School – St. Martin, MS
  • Sweetwater Elementary – Douglasville, GA
  • Waiahole Elementary School – Kaneohe, HI

“We’re thrilled to partner with a group of school leaders devoted to building trust and achievement within their communities,” said Joni Carswell, CEO of LivingTree. “Many applicants shared their desire to consolidate engagement efforts into a single platform and reach all families using translation and mobile. The LivingTree team is ready and enthusiastic to help these schools realize their vision.”

To learn more and apply for the grant, please visit: Drako Family Engagement Grant.

Initial Award Recipients Share Engagement Goals

St. Lucie Public Schools, Kimberly Roberts, Program Manager:

“Living Tree will help us improve communication between the school and families by sharing options and ideas. Living Tree will provide support and ideas that will engage family and community members. The professional development LivingTree offers will help us improve our relationships between the school and families which in turn will help us build a stronger overall community to support our young in their education. Schools need to build bridges with our families and community that will last. We will engage families – not just involve them for today.”

Waiahole Elementary School, Alexandra Obra, Principal:

“We will communicate with families on a daily basis! Next school year, our focus is on the relationship between the school and home. We want to engage our families in their child’s learning. We would like to have all of our information in one spot so that families don’t have to look all over the place. We also want to make sure that our families have access to the information and can see what their child’s day looks like, as well as highlight what is taking place on our campus.”

Crockett County C.C.S.D, Janina Savala, Federal Programs:

“Living Tree will offer the two-way communication for all students in our district. Currently, most of our communication is one-way through the use of newsletters and notes that are sent home on a weekly basis. Having two-way communication will impact our school community positively by encouraging the parent to ask the teacher questions about concerns. Creating a platform where parents can talk to each other and to school staff and resolve differences early on will be a great benefit.”

Union County Public Schools, Tahira Stalberte, Chief Communications Officer:

“Living Tree has several features that will be extremely beneficial to UCPS and its families. We will use it provide ongoing communication with families, invite feedback and open doors for engaging with families in a non-traditional setting. LivingTree will provide a new and organized platform that can increase parent involvement in UCPS.”

Southwest ISD, Marie Cathryn Phelps, Student & Outreach Services:

“It is our sincere belief that families want to be connected to their children’s school community just as much as we want to be connected to them. We will utilize LivingTree as a district community…I literally picture a tree as a symbol of the district, strong and steadfast, reaching out to provide support, shade, or fruit to its stakeholders, and in this process, we will build and grow relationships where we will be connected and intertwined as we educate and grow our students. I believe that LivingTree will be a very powerful tool as we develop and grow a district wide family and community engagement initiative, that..can be a sustainable part of the community for generations to come.”

About the Drako Community and Family Engagement Grant

The Drako Community and Family Engagement Grant for Schools awards schools and districts with a private, secure LivingTree Tiered Social NetworkR — including all engagement features, SIS integration, setup, upkeep, training, and support — at no cost for one year.

School grant recipients are those with a stated plan and need for using technology to engage families and communities. Eligible schools include accredited private and public schools in the United States: pre-schools, elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools.

To learn more and apply for the grant, please visit: Drako Family Engagement Grant.

About LivingTree

Founded in 2012, LivingTree’s mission is to connect the people who raise, develop, and educate our children. LivingTree aims to include every member of the community regardless of preferred language or socio-economic status. LivingTree’s Tiered Social Network® empowers leaders, organizations, educators and parents to connect, share, and coordinate up, down and across all levels of their private network to help improve academic achievement. LivingTree has been recognized for this work by the Stevie® Awards for Women in Business as the 2016 Gold Community Involvement Program of the Year and 2016 Silver Smartphone App of the Year.  For more information, visit, call 844.LIV.TREE, or email at:

There’s a PLATFORM for that

There’s an app for that. In 2016 there’s an app (or a dozen) for every need and / or want we can imagine. Education technology is no different. Every week there’s another app for behavior, communication, attendance, you name it. They’re free! The teachers will drive them! But when is enough enough? When is one more just another rock on an overflowing pile? Why are we placing more burdens on our teachers, parents, and students with too many single purpose applications? Are we trying to use an app when a platform is needed? A resounding “YES” is the answer when it comes to parent engagement.

Parent engagement is the number one driver of student success. Yet, when it comes to technology we’re letting the two-way conversation flow on public social media or offering classroom level private social media that teachers, parents, and students set up and manage themselves. Maybe we’re even doing single direction notification apps instead of anything that approaches conversation. Methodologies change from year to year. There’s a lack of consistency from classroom to classroom within a school and campus to campus within a district. We lose parents on the sheer basis of confusion and time to connect. Teachers become frustrated with lack of participation and amount of time for upkeep.

We have the technology to solve this. Taking a school or district wide platform approach resolves the engagement barriers of time and consistency. Set it up for the teachers AND parents! Integrate with the school information system and keep it up to date daily. Take the time burden away and let our educators, parents, and students focus on positive conversation and partnership. Providing a school or district wide platform with engagement features on top (media sharing, conversation, volunteer management, etc.) can take parent engagement to a whole new level. Just ask PSJA ISD or Irving ISD.

Yes, there’s an app for that – But, do you really need a platform?

Connecting teachers, parents, and students in ONE place!


After Gretchen Kasper-Hoffman’s first year of student teaching in one of Houston’s inner-city schools, Gretchen knew she wanted to continue her career educating students in urban school communities. Gretchen chose the k-12 education field because she desired to make a difference in the world, and she firmly believes “education is the most important thing.” Gretchen is in her 10th year as principal of Grady Middle School in Houston ISD. Grady adopted LivingTree in the fall of 2013 – before translation, directory, group code, and student user functionality. As principal of one of the first schools to implement LivingTree, principal Gretchen Kasper-Hoffman can speak to the critical relationship between parent engagement and student success.

Describe your parent engagement strategy and methodology prior to LivingTree: “We used our school website to post school-wide announcements and happenings, but our website platform was (and still is) hard to navigate. Teachers would also do weekly posts on the site. Teacher to parent correspondence would happen through emails and phone calls, and teachers would send letters home along with report cards. Alongside that, our PTO would send a weekly email blast out to parents.”

Why did you decide to use a new tool for parent engagement? “Well, the website was hard for us. It’s clunky, takes a long time to get into, and the results are never great. It was hard to make a blurb or post look pretty. I was initially attracted to LivingTree because it’s so much easier to drop a quick announcement or post of photos or files.”

What was your implementation of LivingTree like? “For our first year, we had a few LivingTree reps come out to lead a teacher training. This last year, one of our teachers who is very comfortable with LivingTree, led a training for the rest of the staff. For parents, we give out packets explaining what LivingTree is and how they can connect to the network. Our data system has outdated information for our parents, so we use group code to invite parents and students into their classes – we love the group code feature! I would like to have 95% of our parents and students on LivingTree next year. It helps that we are a feeder school to Briargrove Elementary, who also uses LivingTree. This means many of our parents are already on LivingTree when their students come to our school.”

What were your results using LivingTree? “LivingTree makes it so much easier to share information. Because we share so much, parents who missed the group code invitation will ask to be connected. I can see that our relationship with parents has improved. I do believe we have better engagement in our community since using LivingTree.”

What feature do you use the most? “We use inbox a lot. Our parents use inbox to communicate one-on-one with me and the teachers.”

What would you say to teachers who are hesitant to use technology for engagement? “We are able to get more information out with technology. After using LivingTree to communicate with parents, I encouraged LivingTree to add students as users because our students also want to know what is going on – they want to keep up on their grades, check their assignments, homework, etc. Now my kids are very active on LivingTree.”

What would you do if LivingTree were taken away? “I guess I would have to rely on Twitter…. Though it’s not easy to share information on Twitter.”

What one thing would you say about LivingTree to others? “LivingTree has the best customer support! When I contact support I know I will receive a response within seconds, and usually support will do the task or resolve the issue for me, so I don’t have to do anything! In fact, I’ve been meaning to reach out and see if I can set up an incoming 6th grade group to begin communicating with my new parents and students over the summer. Our district’s school messenger system does not roll over until August and that is too late for me. With LivingTree, I can start communicating with new Grady families now.”



Abbey Buchert’s LivingTree Story

LivingTree Pride: Abbey Buchert, 2nd Grade Teacher


Abbey is in her seventh year of teaching, and second year at Cascadia Elementary School in Seattle, Washington. Greatly influenced by her own 5th grade teacher, Abbey became an educator because she desired to show children that learning could be a positive and exciting experience. Understanding the link between parent involvement and student success, Abbey has practiced communication with her parents throughout her career. In search of an engagement platform that guaranteed privacy, Abbey began using LivingTree for her class in the fall of 2015. Here’s Abbey’s LivingTree Story!

Describe your parent engagement strategy and methodology prior to LivingTree. “I started out by sending newsletters to my parents; then I tried Edmodo, and later, Blogspot. There was no form of privacy or security with Blogspot, and I didn’t like that. If someone was searching for our class, they could have found our site and saw the pictures and messages I posted. I was initially attracted to LivingTree because of its privacy.”

How did you find out about LivingTree? “I first heard about LivingTree through my brother. One day while helping my nephew with his homework, my brother brought up LivingTree to check the day’s homework assignment. After hearing the good things he had to say about LivingTree as a parent, I became really interested.”

Why did you decide to use a new method or tool for parent engagement? “My main issue with using a blog was that it lacked privacy. My principal wanted me to use something more secure. I also used a newsletter the first couple of years of teaching, but I didn’t like that – it felt too old school. I thought it would be nice to have something like a social network.”

What was your implementation of LivingTree like? “I thought it was simple. I didn’t read any tutorials; I just played around with the platform. I loved how easy it was for parents to join – I really, really like the printable group code sheet – I just had to print it out and hand the directions to my parents. Unlike other applications I’ve tried, my parents haven’t had trouble understanding how to use LivingTree. They were excited about how easy it was… It did take a couple of “don’t forget to check LivingTree,” reminders for my parents to get in the habit of checking the feed. At first, I was worried about the two-way conversation piece. I thought I might get an overwhelming amount of messages from parents, but I haven’t had a parent abuse this capability – Parents message me in LivingTree, and I can easily check my LivingTree inbox during class. “

What were your results using LivingTree? “I have always communicated with parents a lot; but with LivingTree, I think they have a better sense of what’s going on in the class. Parents can always look at their feed to check our calendar or scroll through posts. Before, all of the information was in a newsletter that got lost. I know my parents are using LivingTree because I receive comments and ‘likes’ on my posts. The typical emails asking, “when is this test happening?” or “when is this assignment due?” have stopped. I also just like how easy it is to share pictures. With LivingTree, it takes two seconds to share a photo post, so it is no hassle at all. It is also nice to have everything in one space – parents can go back and find everything right there.”

What feature do you use the most? “I share a lot of messages & photos throughout the week; and every Monday I’ll share a newsletter-type post with my class. We’ve been doing a postcard project all year, and so that’s an ongoing update. I use the calendar periodically for due dates, book reports, and events I want the parents to come to. I upload book reports as files, and I share a lot of photos throughout the week.”

What would you say to teachers who are hesitant to use technology for engagement? “I think technology is something that is accessible for everyone. I would say it’s a great tool for keeping parents in the know. Most parents are used to Facebook or Instagram, so they really enjoy seeing photos of their children in class. I think parents like to see what’s going on in the classroom. When they see their children happy, it makes them happy.”

What would you do if LivingTree were taken away? “I would be really sad because I like LivingTree a lot. I do know I would stick with something safe and secure!”

What one thing would you say about LivingTree to others? “I would definitely say it’s easy! I’m a big fan of things that aren’t complicated. It’s easy and organized, which are the two biggest things for me. And my parents love it – they feel like they’re a part of the classroom. I don’t have to stress out when I forget to share information because I can just make a quick post at home with my phone.”

PSJA ISD – 21,000 Virtual Windows and Counting!

“LivingTree allows us to take a leap forward in community building by providing us with our own private social network for collaboration and engagement across our district, school, and classroom communities.”  – Adrian Garcia, PSJA ISD Chief Technology Officer

Pharr-San Juan-Alamo ISD, located in South Texas just north of Mexico, serves ~32,000 students. By the numbers, PSJA ISD is 89% economically disadvantaged, 98.9% Latino, 11% ESL, 35% Bilingual, and 6% migrant in population.

psja2As a nationally recognized district, PSJA ISD has done incredible work in pushing the bar for high school graduation and college success rates. PSJA wanted to build on this success and develop broader community within their schools and district. PSJA faced language, technology, and cultural barriers when building community and partnership. They sought to reach as many parents as possible and to empower parents by giving them a voice into the education community. To do this, PSJA ISD implemented LivingTree in an effort to include all families via mobile application and two-way translation. PSJA ISD has been using LivingTree since the spring semester of 2014. In the fall 2015 school semester alone (time period beginning August 1, 2015), PSJA opened a virtual window to their classrooms more than 20,000 times. Their community has engaged within the network by commenting 2500+ times and showing appreciation in 42,999 instances:




Irving ISD Builds Relationships and Trust with LivingTree


Irving ISD, a district serving approximately 35,000 students in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, began using LivingTree in November 2014. The district has earned a number of accolades, including being named the 2015 national Advanced Placement District of the Year; an “amazing CTE program” in the U.S.; and having its high schools recognized among the top 10% of high schools nationwide by U.S. News and World Report. The district was looking for ways to share those success stories and continue its parent engagement efforts after opening Parent Centers in each of its schools. Like many school districts across the state, Irving ISD serves a diverse student population and wanted a way to reach ALL families, regardless of home language (54 languages are spoken in Irving ISD), the parent’s education level or socioeconomic status.


Irving ISD has strong belief in the benefits of parent and community engagement, and has a stated district goal of enabling and ensuring community engagement and collaboration. Based on the results of district wide surveys of teachers, parents, and students in spring 2014, Irving ISD sought to establish digital two-way dialogue accessible via mobile application. That’s when Irving ISD decided to implement LivingTree to meet their two-way dialogue, translation, mobile, and privacy needs. “In Irving ISD we started out with 13 campuses as early adopters of LivingTree. The feedback we received from parents, principals and teachers has been incredible. It’s helped solidify parents’ trust in our schools,” says Lesley Weaver, Irving ISD’s Director of Communications. In the spring of 2015, Irving ISD rolled out LivingTree for the entire district to realize their goal of an engaged and empowered community. In the 2015-16 school year alone, Irving ISD has experienced 30,689 total content shares. This includes almost 10,000 photos (virtual windows) shared with the community and a fully engaged network shown by 1,378 comments and 15,485 likes on content. Parents, students and staff have a single, private place to engage and share conversation.


7 Ways the LivingTree App Increases Parent Engagement

7 Ways the LivingTree App Increases Parent Engagement 

Blog Author


Let’s get real: It’s time for us to implement a teacher-to-parent communication app that is used on both sides of the conversation. And not just the über-involved room parents or those glued to their smartphones—all the parents.

We think LivingTree can be the answer.

LivingTree is a free desktop and mobile app that is easy to install, intuitive to use and therefore increases the actual usage by your students’ parents, allowing you to reach and connect with every family. When we ask parents and caregivers to use multiple apps—one for classroom sign-ups, another for behavior reports, still another for text notifications—total use goes down. LivingTree enables us to wipe the slate clean and give our parents one place to get all the information they need, fostering a true partnership between school and home.

Here are the LivingTree features we think you and your students’ families will appreciate:

1. Text Notifications
If there is one way to make parents’ lives easier, it’s quick, efficient texts such as “Reminder: No instrumental music tomorrow!” or “Remember to bring a sack lunch for the field trip.” We like how LivingTree gives teachers complete control over how to send notifications to parents, so you can tailor those updates for your classroom culture and students’ ages.

LivingTree Text

2. Calendar
Parents receive numerous calendars—from you the teacher, from school, from the PTA, even after-school clubs. Give your parent community the gift of all events and schedules in one central location. The LivingTree calendar is easy for teachers to update (you can easily load iCals and sync with Outlook and Google Calendar), and the calendar is front and center on the app for parents.

LivingTree Calendar

3. Options for District Integration
Unlike some apps that focus only on stand-alone classrooms, LivingTree has the ability to set up school- and district-wide integration. This long-game thinking can increase communication beyond the single school year, as well as successfully connect with parents who have children in multiple classrooms and schools. District and school leadership can set up accounts and provide teachers with logins, truly centralizing information.

4. Closed Network for Group Conversations
Forget establishing a separate Facebook, Google or Yahoo! group for your classroom. Instead, house your class “list serv” right on the app the parents are already checking for updates and assignments. The conversation feature increases engagement with your students’ parents as well as creates a community of your classroom’s families.

LivingTree Conversation

5. Direct Messaging
In addition to the group convos, LivingTree allows parents to directly message you with their suggestions and concerns. The ease of one-to-one communication within the app makes true connections with the parents easier and more likely to happen; now they will not have to leave your classroom app in order to e-mail you in a separate tab. It’s just another way to deepen trust and relationships with parents.

LivingTree PTA

6. Language Translation
How many different languages are spoken in your school community? Want to connect with all of them? LivingTree has translation capabilities for 40+ different languages. Whether your parents speak Spanish, Arabic, Vietnamese or Farsi, you can count on being able to communicate with them when you use LivingTree. There’s no better way to build relationships than to reach out to people in their own language.

7. Photo Sharing
Want to really connect with families? Post regular photos of the students in the classroom! LivingTree provides an easy-to-access hub for images of student activities. Parents are sure to log on and feel more connected if there is the potential to catch a glimpse of their kids learning and exploring.

LivingTree Photo

Parents’ engagement in their children’s education is the single biggest marker for improved literacy and students’ long-term success. Anything that provides an easily navigable path for increased parent involvement and fosters greater community between school and home is worth trying, and LivingTree does both well.

Check out the free LivingTree app.

Comunicación Directa de Padres a Maestros En Su Propio Idioma

Comunicación Directa de Padres a Maestros En Su Propio Idioma


Tuve la suerte de participar de un valioso seminario para entender los servicios que LivingTree tiene para ofrecer a las familias con objeto de facilitar la comunicación directa de padres a maestros.

El sistema que ha sido creado con las características de una red social interactiva, tiene todas las funciones a las que los padres quisiéramos acceder para mantenernos al tanto de la educación de nuestros hijos de una manera efectiva, rápida y gratuita, y funciona como una red social totalmente interactiva a la que tienes acceso desde tu computador o tu teléfono inteligente.

¿Cómo funciona?

Visita y crea tu perfil familiar con los miembros de tu familia. Desde aquí puedes sacar ventaja de todos los beneficios de una red social, pero de manera privada y segura, ya que tus datos no aparecen en los buscadores, y son cuidadosamente protegidos gracias a la seguridad del sitio.

¿Cómo facilita la conexión directa de padres a maestros?

Puedes invitar a la maestra de tus hijos a crear un grupo escolar para las familias de sus estudiantes, y de esta manera podrán crear una comunidad interactiva en la que pueden compartir información, participar activamente de oportunidades de voluntariado, y lo mejor aún, funciona como un puente entre padres y maestros, ya que LivingTree tiene traducción disponible en más de 40 idiomas.


Si tu idioma natal no es el Inglés, o no te sientes cómodo escribiendo en él, te beneficiarás enormemente de este servicio, así como lo hará la maestra, y cualquier otro funcionario de la escuela que desee abrir una cuenta con el fin de crear una comunidad comprometida y conectada a tiempo completo sin limitaciones de lenguaje.

comunicación directa padres y maestros living tree

La comunidad de LivingTree incluye además:

  • Calendario
  • Correo electrónico
  • Grupos
  • Directorios
  • Conversaciones instantáneas en línea

¡y más!

Me encantó conocer de este servicio, y creo realmente que es la respuesta para muchas familias Latinas.

Un poco más de información de cómo LivingTree facilita la comunicación directa de padres a maestros.

Acerca de LivingTree:

Fundado en 2012, la misión de LivingTree es conectar a la gente que cría, desarrolla, y educa a nuestros hijos. LivingTree desea incluir a cada miembro de la comunidad sin importar su lenguaje nativo o su estado socio-económico. La red social segura LivingTree’s motiva líderes y organizaciones a conectarse, compartir, y coordinar a todos los niveles de su red privada – con familias escolares como el fin principal de la red.

LivingTree Strengthens Parent Engagement

LivingTree Strengthens Parent Engagement

Parental Engagement is a must in my book. Right from the very start of the year, I feel the need to connect with the teachers for both of my boys. I begin the introduction on the second day via email. I want them to know that I know education is a group and community effort! We must all take part in the future of our children. You can see that LivingTree took all parties into consideration when they created their private, secure platform to serve us all.

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 11.32.01 AM

LivingTree included states, school districts, schools, classrooms and parents when they provided a single place to engage all members of your child’s education in over 40 languages. How’s that for taking all cultures and countries into consideration? That’s detail!! Being involved in my child’s education right from the start allows the teachers to see firsthand how important their education is to me. LivingTree provides that opportunity as well, helping those teachers to see that I am my child’s advocate and I will assist them to get them what they need to succeed!

Had I not been involved in my child’s with special accommodations education right from the start, he would have been misplaced on his very first day of school! Dropping him off at school enabled me to see firsthand how important it is to be involved and the need to be that “up close and upfront parent”. I had to inquire why he was placed in the wrong classroom and then they had no clue that he had an IEP (Individualized Education Plan). What would have happened had I not dropped him off and walked him in that morning? This is why being present in the lives of our children and their education is so important!

As a Latina, I only wish LivingTree had been around for my Puerto Rican mom who struggled a bit with the English language. I am happy that now there are no excuses or barriers and all parents of all languages can be a part of their child’s education through LivingTree’s mode of engagement.What I absolutely love about LivingTree is the selection of features – private and secure content posted in multiple languages, options for text messages, file sharing, managing calendars, sending invites/alerts for events and activities, volunteer sign up, sharing and posting videos and photos in addition to providing access to contact information for direct group and individual communication. I could go on about LivingTree but you can check them out yourself by heading over to their website for more information.

Engagement & Fundraising

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