Classroom Family Engagement Rubric

Family engagement is the number one driver of student success, but it is often difficult to set goals and measure results around activities that happen in the classroom. We were excited to come across a free rubric by the Flamboyan Foundation. The rubric lays out three critical criteria for classroom teachers:

1. The teacher possesses the beliefs and mindsets to effectively engage families.

2. Teachers and families have trusting relationships

3. Teachers engage families in supporting learning by effectively communicating academic information and progress

Many of the examples in the rubric center on cadence and clarity of sharing, relevance of information, and scheduling. Technology can help standardize and simplify this for your team. Using a central, secure place to share the right information at the right time with the right people can have a profound impact on your family engagement success. Livingtree’s school communication platform was built to do this from any device in 100+ languages.

Effective Engagement Principles

The National Association for the Education of Young Children outlines six key principles used by exemplary programs. They’ve found that common practices lead to successful family engagement. These principles are outlined in detail along with profiles from the exemplary programs.

The six principles:

1. Invite families to participate in decision making and goal setting for their child
2. Engage families in two-way communication
3. Engage families in ways that are truly reciprocal
4. Provide learning activities for the home and in the community
5. Invite families to participate in program-level decisions and wider advocacy efforts
6. Implement a comprehensive program-level system of family engagement

Livingtree offers a system wide school communication solution for two-way parent communication. Using appropriate technology for family engagement allows the focus to stay on partnership and success principles!

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