Educators Across Texas Seek New Ways to Improve Parent, Community & Student Engagement

LivingTree will be presenting on Monday at the 2015 TASA Midwinter Conference to help share how both Irving ISD and PSJA ISD are currently making sweeping changes in community and student engagement. We look forward to what we will learn and hear from audience members and conference attendees.

Districts like Irving ISD and PSJA ISA are constantly seeking new ways to improve engagement that supports academic progress, community involvement, and student achievement. House Bill 5 also now requires rating and reporting on community and student engagement. LivingTree can improve engagement across entire district communities, from superintendents to schools, principals, teachers, parents and students, and provides robust reporting of objective data on improvements realized.

LivingTree is the first private ‘social-like’ collaboration network to connect everyone in your community. It simplifies school-to-family and family-to-school communication using a single application available on web and mobile (iPhone and Android) to share posts, alerts, files, events, and content, even translating this important information to 40+ languages. The private, secure network replaces outdated and single direction modes of communication such as blogs, out of date websites, e-mail blasts, paper, etc. Users can also volunteer for activities, send and receive private direct messages and access directory listings.

LivingTree lets districts and schools:

  1. Privately engage with their community wherever they are
  2. Overcome technology and language hurdles
  3. Share information, files, and manage events to specific groups

LivingTree is the first private, hierarchical group social platform for educational networks (districts, schools, classrooms) built in the context of optimizing community, family and student engagement. The use and application of LivingTree will be discussed from multiple perspectives during Monday’s sessions at the TASA Midwinter Conference.

Again, we look forward to speaking with attendees and plan to report on our findings after the conference. If you are going to be in attendance, here are further details on the upcoming presentations:

Parent Engagement: Timely, Meaningful, Convenient … and in 40+ Languages

10:45 AM-11:15 AM, Austin Convention Center – Room 10A

With so many traditional communication tools and social media opportunities, Irving ISD found a way to reach parents in a way that is helpful, meaningful and convenient on their mobile device. Join district leaders to hear how they are transforming parental engagement while focusing on student success and connecting non-English speakers to the classroom.  Irving ISD staff now have a safe, private collaboration network that increases staff connections, resources and alignment of priorities.

Speakers:  Lesley Weaver, Irving ISD Director of Communications, Joni Carswell, LivingTree President

The Cloud, Private Social Networking, and Education in Texas

2:15 pm – 3:15 pm, Austin Convention Center – Room 12A

IT that is delivered over the Internet, or cloud computing, is transforming education. From virtual classrooms to private social networks, the cloud is changing how students learn, how teachers teach, how communities engage, and how leaders run their districts. School district implementations are adding to our knowledge every day.  This panel features a leading Texas district and provides an overview of cloud computing and private social networking including lessons learned and best practices.

Speakers:  Joni Carswell, LivingTree President, Ken Eisner, Amazon Global Education Strategy Dir, Adrian Garcia, PSJA ISD CTO

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