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6 Easy Spring Fundraising Ideas for Schools

With spring approaching, many organizations are planning their upcoming events and searching for creative fundraising ideas to get their community involved and rally their support for a good cause. 

Whether you’re looking for in-person or online fundraising ideas for sports teams, like basketball or baseball, or your clubs, dance teams, and more, we’ve got you covered with easy, creative fundraising ideas that will help you maximize your efforts. 

Plan a 5K or walk/hike/bike-a-thon

With warmer weather on its way, a 5K race or walk/hike/bike-a-thon is the perfect fun activity to get your community outside. You can plan a 5K course in your community and charge an entrance fee to participate or have entrants raise money as part of their participation. 

And if you can’t find a course (and the necessary volunteers), create a special day where the participants complete a 5K or walk/hike/bike-a-thon on their own, either donating an entrance fee or raising money on their own to donate. You could create a local business checklist for people to visit along their 5K virtual route.

Create a spring-themed basket auction

Everyone loves gift baskets, especially when they’re filled with seasonal goodies. Your organization can create several spring-themed gift baskets, or encourage members to donate one of their own, and then you can raffle or auction them off. There are several options for an auction:

  • in person at an event
  • online via social media or other option
  • a silent auction for both in person and virtual attendees

Adding virtual fundraising ideas makes for an accessible fundraising event. A related event idea would be having a raffle ticket sale for the gift basket.

Whether it’s Easter or Passover-themed, for those who celebrate, or St. Patrick’s Day, even just “Get Outside and Play!,” a spring-themed basket auction is such an easy fundraiser for any organization or club. 

Host a flower arranging or succulents class

Spring means flowers and plants are blooming, so consider hosting a flower arranging or succulents class for a small fee, or for a “donate what you can” opportunity. Seek out a community-based instructor who might be a willing donor of their time, then ask local businesses to donate supplies, or purchase them with part of the class fee. 

This could be especially effective closer to Mother’s Day, as a parent-child activity to create a gift for the special mom or mother figure in their life, or for grandmothers, mothers, and/or daughters who might be interested in learning a new skill together. Plus, they get to leave the class with a beautiful arrangement of flowers or a planter full of succulents. 

And while this might be more ideal as an in-person fundraising event, you could just as easily offer this as a virtual fundraising event as well, so long as the instructor has access to Zoom and shares a list of the required items before the class begins. 

Hold a flower bulb and seedling sale

Community members are often searching for flower bulbs and seedlings in the late spring, so why not host a flower bulb or seedling sale. Easily planning in a parking lot or even a public park, ask a local garden shop to donate or offer a discount, and then advertise your one or two-day sale. With just a few volunteers and the donation of their time, you could raise money for your organization and support the gardening needs of your community. 

Plan an Earth Day community clean-up

For Earth Day, collect donations to support your effort to clean up your community, whether it’s a side of the highway, a favorite park, or even the main street of your town. Volunteers can accept pledges based on the number of hours they work, or even the number (or weight) of the bags they collect. Not only will you raise funds for your organization, but you’ll make a huge positive impact on your community as well. 

Don’t forget the classic: Host a concession stand or bake sale

With spring school sports starting up, your organization could host a small concession stand or bake sale at the open events for all the spring sports. All you need is a cooler full of water and sports drinks, along with a bagged snack, and you’ve got the perfect baseball fundraising idea, not to mention any of the other spring sports. If you’ve got supporters who love baking, add homemade cookies or brownies into the mix. 

The change of season is the perfect time to consider these creative fundraising ideas for your organization, all of which will help get your volunteers outside and celebrate the start of spring.

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