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LivingTree Acquires ClassMessenger

We’re excited to announce that we’ve acquired ClassMessenger. We’ve worked with the impressive ClassMessenger team for the past few weeks to ensure a seamless transition for ClassMessenger users. We couldn’t be more excited to welcome ClassMessenger into the LivingTree family and ClassMessenger CEO Keith McSpurren to our Advisory Board.

Livingtree acquires ClassMessenger

A quick FAQ on this exciting news from the LivingTree perspective:

1. Why buy ClassMessenger? – To help teachers and parents continue to engage. Our mission is to connect everyone who raises, develops, and educates children. We aim to make that as consistent and simple as possible. We had an opportunity to help 1000s of teachers maintain consistent engagement for the remainder of the school year and beyond and we decided to act.

2. How does ClassMessenger fit with LivingTree? – ClassMessenger’s philosophy and delivery around two way communication and engagement simplicity perfectly align with what LivingTree delivers at the class, grade, school, and district level. Welcoming ClassMessenger teachers into the LivingTree family is a perfect complement for these engaged teachers and families.

3. What happens to ClassMessenger now? LivingTree will provide uninterrupted service for ClassMessenger users through the end of this school year. We will reach out to introduce ourselves and welcome feedback in the new year.

4. What does this mean for LIvingTree users? – It means the LivingTree family has grown! The LivingTree Tiered Social Network and service you know and love is not impacted. We will continue to work with you to deliver the best engagement platform for your community.

For our ClassMessenger friends:

Why LivingTree?: LivingTree reached out with the desire to keep ClassMessenger teachers and parents engaged. Their mission and philosophy closely align with what ClassMessenger has delivered to users for the past few years. Additionally, LivingTree offers additional features and a network solution that allows teacher classrooms to plug into school and district networks which allows all engagement to thrive in a single, secure place. Finally, LivingTree plans to offer uninterrupted ClassMessenger service through the end of the school year.

About LivingTree and why the ClassMessenger team is excited about the future:

Why: LivingTree exists to connect everyone who raises, develops, and educates children. In every offering and decision, LivingTree strives to include every community member and make engagement simpler so that our children can achieve the ultimate possible.

Who / When / Where: LivingTree was founded in 2012 for the purpose of connecting communities. LivingTree was built and is run by parents and former educators out of Austin, TX. The LivingTree leadership team represents 60+ years of technology experience, 50+ years of education experience, and an abundance of passion for education and families! Schools utilize LivingTree to engage their entire communities within a single network.

How / What: LivingTree builds a private, Tiered Social Network for your community with all the engagement features you need! LivingTree was recognized at the  2016 Stevie Gold Award winner for Community Involvement Program of the Year and 2016 Stevie Silver Award winner for Smartphone App of the Year. Notable LivingTree features:

–SIS Integration for automatic setup and membership updates
–Free mobile apps (iphone and android)
–Translation – 100+ languages
–Two way group and individual conversation
–Media sharing (Photos, Video, Files, etc.)
–Shared calendar
–Volunteer / Sign Up management
–SMS Texting
–Private Messaging
–Analytic Reports
FREE for all teachers 🙂

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  1. Claudia moreno

    How do i setup for next school if I already have class messenger?

    1. Cullen Childress

      Hi Claudia! We’re going to send you a note from support in case you have additional questions.

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