LivingTree Announces Attendance Alert Capability

LivingTree, a private social network for PK-12 family engagement, today announced the availability of attendance alerts, a new feature of its engagement platform. School and district administrators can now use LivingTree to quickly and easily share attendance alerts with families, extending the solution’s ability to build meaningful connections and accelerate student achievement.

With LivingTree’s new attendance alert capability, all home communications can be delivered via the LivingTree platform. Voice messages are delivered to a parent’s phone number of choice with opt in and opt out functionality in place, per FCC regulation. Additionally, the attendance alert is delivered via email and mobile push notification. Attendance alerts add capability to the phone, texting, multimedia, private messaging, and two way conversation features LivingTree has delivered to schools around the globe.

“An estimated 5 million to 7.5 million U.S. students miss nearly a month of school each year. This represents 10-15% of students in K-12 in the U.S. Absenteeism is a leading indicator that students will ultimately drop out of school. With the addition of attendance alerts to the LivingTree platform, we’re working to build deep partnership between schools and families to reduce this rate,” said LivingTree CEO Joni Carswell. “By consolidating all communication and engagement needs in a single place, administrators can easily connect with families through a platform they know and trust, building partnership to positively impact student achievement.”

School administrators can send attendance alerts quickly and easily, utilizing LivingTree’s data system integration. Based on parent preferences, attendance alerts are delivered to recipients as an email notification, mobile notification (for mobile app users), and/or a phone call — becoming a voicemail if there is no answer. With voice translation to 26 languages and text translation to more than 100 languages, recipients receive the call or message in their preferred language.

Working closely with customers on the design of the attendance alert feature, LivingTree has taken attendance alerts beyond a simple phone call or email. Messages will automatically show in the LivingTree inbox with the option to reply with absence excuses or questions. This further addresses the U.S. Every Student Succeeds Act mandate for two way conversation in native language.

The addition of attendance alerts extend the robust capabilities that LivingTree delivers to schools and parents. Features include SMS texting, the ability to connect into broader school, district, and community networks, enhanced media sharing, private messaging, directory, and analytic reporting. Parents within participating LivingTree schools can share media and announcements, send and receive private direct messages, access directory listings, volunteer for school activities and keep in touch with their children’s teachers.

Since 2012, LivingTree has been working with leading school districts, innovative schools and savvy teachers across the country to build Tiered Social Networks that enable conversations to flow up, down and across the education community. Designed by parents for parents, LivingTree’s one mission is unite educators and families by providing a private, safe and secure platform to facilitate easier and more organic conversations.

LivingTree was recently honored by the Stevie Awards for Women in Business, receiving the 2016 Gold Stevie Award for Community Involvement Program of the Year, and the Silver Stevie Award for the Smartphone App of the Year.

To learn more about how your district, school or classroom can get access to LivingTree, visit or call toll-free, 844-548-8733.

About LivingTree
Founded in 2012, LivingTree’s mission is to connect the people who raise, develop, and educate our children. LivingTree aims to include every member of the community regardless of preferred language or socio-economic status. LivingTree’s Tiered Social Network empowers leaders, organizations, educators and parents to connect, share, and coordinate up, down and across all levels of their private network to help improve academic achievement. LivingTree has been recognized for this work by the Stevie Awards for Women in Business as the 2016 Gold Community Involvement Program of the Year and 2016 Silver Smartphone App of the Year.

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