The Benefits of Parent Involvement in Schools and Child’s Education

Today more than ever, it’s so important to be involved in a child’s education as well as staying connected and informed with your child’s school and teachers. However, staying on top of a child’s daily activities, lessons and homework is not always easy. It can be difficult to know exactly what your child is doing and how your child is doing day to day.

What if you had a virtual window into your child’s classroom with lessons, activities and even photos of your child’s day? A virtual window that would allow you to reinforce learning, help your child stay accountable and offer you a direct line to your child’s teachers and school?

This is possible with LivingTree and research has shown that students benefit from parent involvement in many ways.

The benefits of parental involvement in a child’s education:

Better grades
Better attendance
Higher graduation rates
Better self-esteem
Less substance abuse
Less negative behavior

Livingtree Engage is a private, SECURE, shared, social communication and engagement platform that simplifies communication and coordination among parents and teachers. LivingTree allows parents to oversee a child’s education all in one place, a constant connection to all of the people who have a hand in your child’s education and development. Open conversation is key to the parent / teacher relationship, LivingTree gives ALL parents a voice to ask questions, share thoughts and or concerns, in over 40 languages!

We are blessed to live in an ethnically diverse country, this also means parents and grandparents may not be comfortable with the English language. Parents who struggle with a language barrier may not easily understand all of the written communications sent to them, and may see themselves as unprepared to help their children with homework or schoolwork.

Translation gives parents a forum to have a voice which builds community. LivingTree Engage offers automatic translation in over 40 languages with a click of one button. This translation goes both ways,  the parent can read and write in their native language and teacher will receive it in English and respond in English. Seamless communication.

LivingTree is simple to use and feels familiar since it looks and feels like a typical social network. Keep up with activities, files, photos and dates on a shared calendar of events for each class or classroom your child is in. Thankfully, LivingTree is smartphone friendly too!


 “Founded in 2012, LivingTree’s mission is to connect the people who raise, develop, and educate our children. LivingTree aims to include every member of the community regardless of preferred language or socio-economic status. LivingTree’s secure social network empowers leaders and organizations to connect, share, and coordinate up, down and across all levels of their private network – with school families at the end of the network.”

We are our children’s most important teachers, guides, and advocates. Back to School season is the perfect time to get organized and stay connected with teachers and the latest school happenings with LivingTree.

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