LivingTree in Classrooms Across the US

“With LivingTree a teacher is able to show what learning is taking place and help bridge that connection between home and school.”
— Lesley Weaver, Irving ISD, Director of Communications

  • Teachers can post from the convenience of their mobile device or from their computer.
  • The translation features allow parents to type and receive messages in their native language, while the teacher can still type and receive messages in English.
  • With LivingTree in place, parents learn so much more about what’s going on in the classroom.
  • It’s easy for anyone to use.
  • There is really little to no training needed.
  • Any parent who can use a social media can use LivingTree.

“Connection, it really does connect our learning community, keeping our parents, students and teachers all in one hub.” — Mr. Tinnon, Principal

“LivingTree is the one private, secure place for parents, familes, students teachers schools to connect and allow for any form of communication that’s needed to develop our children as we move forward.”
— Joni Carswell, President, LivingTree

“LivingTree makes it so much easier to communicate with parents and send information out to a whole group of parents.”
— Ms. Boreing, Teacher

“It really pulls parents into the classroom without them having to be there.”
— Ms. Leu, Teacher

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