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Livingtree Launches Children’s Cancer Awareness Month Fundraising Challenge in Partnership with the Livestrong Foundation


Wednesday, September 1st marked the start of Livingtree’s month-long fundraising challenge for Children’s Cancer Awareness Month. The Austin-based education technology company partnered with the Livestrong Foundation to bring awareness and raise money for children affected by cancer. Livingtree is using their fundraising platform and posing an “Ed-Tech Challenge” to other education technology companies, as well as a fundraising challenge for classroom teachers, to directly benefit the foundation.

The Livestrong Foundation works with schools through their award-winning Livestrong at School program to help teach students about cancer with age-appropriate curriculum, and works with other organizations to support students with cancer that can’t attend school. Livingtree and Livestrong partnered to challenge both companies and classrooms to “Band Together” this month to raise awareness and fundraise in support of students with cancer.

Aeries Software, a Livingtree partner based in Orange, California, is one of the companies that has accepted the Ed-Tech challenge and is participating in raising funds over the course of the month. Leaders from both companies kicked off the challenge on Wednesday morning by making the first, inaugural donations to the campaign that can be seen in a video they recorded.

“I think over the last 18 months students have experienced a lot of disruption – the learning experience has certainly been a challenge for them, and I think in a lot of ways they’re experiencing a small taste of some of the challenges that children around the world and in the U.S. are experiencing when they deal with this type of situation with childhood cancer,” said Aeries President Brent Lloyd in the video. Livingtree CEO Gary Hensley added, “there’s so much going on in the world right now just in general that I think you’re right – taking a pause for a moment and putting yourself in these families’ shoes and saying hey, despite everything that’s going on we can support these families as they go through a difficult time.”

For teachers that participate in the fundraising challenge, Livestrong is supplying their classrooms with Livestrong wristbands, their cancer awareness curriculum, an invitation to an exclusive webinar, and featuring classrooms on their social media pages. Teachers that register receive their own unique Livingtree fundraising page to collect donations, track how much they’ve raised, and see how they’re measuring up against other classrooms.

Teachers that are interested in participating can visit to register. Companies looking to get involved in the Ed-Tech company challenge should email Livingtree at for more information. If you’d like to make a donation to the Ed-Tech company fundraising campaign, please visit:

For questions and media inquiries, please email

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