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Livingtree Services During the COVID-19 Crisis

Livingtree Services During the COVID-19 Crisis

First and foremost, we hope you are healthy and safe. Our thoughts are with everyone and all of the school communities affected by this pandemic. This is something the modern world has never dealt with before, and these are uncharted waters for leaders across the globe. COVID-19 is at top of mind for all school leaders, who are making significant decisions to protect the health and safety of their communities with no playbook to go off of. These are tough times, and we stand by you in support.

At Livingtree, we realize our platforms can play crucial roles in some of the urgent situations that are developing as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. In the wake of this crisis, we’ve seen many school districts and states closing their schools, and we realize that the Livingtree Engage platform is playing a pivotal role in directly connecting schools and families regarding the steps and actions being taken. We’ve also seen a number of fundraisers taking place to assist students who are affected by these school closings. Many of these fundraisers are raising money to fund student meals, books, supplies, and technology while schools are closed.

Here at Livingtree, we are taking steps to ensure the safety of our staff and their families, and contribute to the effort in stopping the spread of the virus. Starting today, March 16th, our staff will be working from home indefinitely.

How does that affect our services and our customers?

It doesn’t, other than you may see us in our home-offices if we are on a video-chat. That being said, our customer support and engineering teams are hard at work to support our customers and users. We want to ensure that schools and districts are closely connected with their families and communities during this difficult time.

If you run into any issues, or have a question or a concern, we strongly encourage you to contact our customer support team by starting a live chat on our Support page, emailing, or calling 512-957-2313 ext. 2.

In the end, we want to help: make sure students have what they need to succeed, and engage families in their child’s learning, regardless of whether that student is at home or in the classroom. We will get through this, and we will get through it together!

Sending our best,

The Livingtree Team

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