Livingtree’s Translation Equips Deeper Family Engagement in Schools

Livingtree continues the evolution of our digital platform enabling deeper family engagement via our new translation feature.  Parents, schools, teachers and organizations can now easily communicate in the language each parent prefers. With over 500 schools now signed up to our platform, and 10 different countries, it’s more exciting than ever to offer 41 languages preferences for translation on LivingTree web and mobile applications.

We want to ensure there is equal opportunity for parents to have a seat at the window into the classroom and school, regardless of preferred language. From experience and feedback, we know that children often play the role of translator between teachers and their parents. LivingTree is working to remove that burden with our new translation capability and additionally enable more robust parent, teacher and school collaboration and coordination in parents’ native language.

Five decades of research confirms that involvement of families in education improves schools, academic outcomes, and graduation rates. To help deepen parent engagement, LivingTree has launched a cutting-edge web and mobile-based communication platform that provides schools, teachers and parents with a private and efficient means for sharing important information, rich media, documents, private direct messaging, shared calendars, and integrated volunteer sign-ups.  Our users have enjoyed utilizing this toolset and are excited to drive transparency and community even further with the new translation feature.

“Using the LivingTree platform, our school was able to build a much tighter community and meaningful engagement with our families. It has truly changed our level of transparency with parents and how we converse, share, and coordinate in the context of educating our children,” said Eden A. Jones, Principal at Briargrove Elementary in Houston, TX.

“We have over 27 languages spoken by parents at our school. LivingTree already helps us connect better but this feature is going to mean even deeper collaboration by all parents,” said Lilian Rodriguez, parent at Briargrove Elementary.

To get started using the translation feature, click here:

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