You are currently viewing New Livingtree Engage Updates – Tutorials, Translation, & Polling!

New Livingtree Engage Updates – Tutorials, Translation, & Polling!

Are you preparing to be a family engagement rockstar next year? We’re here for you, and we’ve made some new feature updates on the Livingtree Engage school communication platform to make engaging families a little easier! We are constantly working on new features that benefit the Family Engagement process, and remove barriers for educators and families. Below are the most recent updates available now on the Livingtree web app, and coming soon to the iOS and Android applications.

Tutorial Series Shortcut

To support all users, we've made a tutorial series, accessible in the top right of your conversations page.

Just getting started with the Livingtree Engage platform? Trying to figure out how to use a specific feature? We created an in-depth tutorial series, which you can now quickly access from within your Livingtree account!

Automatic Translation of Posts & Comments

Users now receive an automatic translation of all posts and comments

Remember when you had to click “See Translation” to view a post or comment in your preferred language? We are making the translation process even easier! Now, all posts and comments will be AUTOMATICALLY translated into your preferred language. You can set your preferred language on the web app by selecting Options > My Profile > Edit Profile & Preferences, or set your language on one of our mobile applications by selecting More > Preferences > Edit Profile.

NEW Polling Posts

Polling allows you to engage and receive instant feedback on what matters most

Polling is NEW and now available on Livingtree Engage for teachers and administrators! You can now create a poll and receive instant feedback in your district, school or classroom. This option is available when you are creating a new message on the Conversations feed.


If you aren’t using Livingtree in your classroom, school or district to improve family engagement, click below to learn more about getting started!

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