New Platform to Connect and Coordinate All Who Raise and Teach our Children, LivingTree Launches in U.S.

Fully Created by Parents, LivingTree Helps Parents, Loved Ones, Teachers and Coaches Raise Children. Together.

Austin, TX, May 14, 2013 – LivingTree announces today the launch of its web and mobile service, a cutting-edge system that connects the network of people who work hard to raise and teach children.  In one easy-to use, secure place, LivingTree provides rich sharing and robust coordination tools for parents and their extended families, teachers/schools, coaches/leagues, and any other extra-curricular youth organizations involved in children’s lives.

LivingTree was created by parents for parents, and designed to provide a private environment to help organize the modern and busy family. The service, which also offers mobile capabilities through the LivingTree iPhone and Android applications, becomes available today via

“We created LivingTree from the perspective of a parent, to solve for the increasing chaos that exists in coordinating with our fellow spouses/partners, and managing the lives of our children. We wanted to create one secure, private, shared place where we, as parents, could better work together in coordinating our children’s busy lives, and share with other loved ones their important events and moments,” said Cullen Childress, Co-Founder and CEO of LivingTree “We also are providing tools to the people and organizations that help raise and teach our children (like teachers/schools, coaches/leagues, etc.) allowing for more effective and efficient collaboration and coordination with us as parents – all in one place. Our goal is to bring a greater calm and meaningfulness to the most important aspect of our lives as parents – raising our children.”

LivingTree’s offering is focused on three key functions:

Organization.  LivingTree makes it easy to organize the everyday chaos. The LivingTree shared calendaring system keeps spouses on the same page to ensure personal events, family events, and events for each child in your family are organized and communicated efficiently. The platform is designed to automatically integrate the children’s classes, teams, schools, and leagues for easy coordination of the classroom or school events, parent teacher conferences, volunteer opportunities and commitments, or a season’s practice/games, etc. When locations or other details are changed (by a parent, a coach, or teacher) the calendar updates in real time, and all spouses or co-parents are automatically notified on their mobile devices.  The LivingTree shared calendaring system also supports subscription to other calendar types like Outlook, Apple Cal, Google Calendar, etc.

Engagement.  LivingTree simplifies communication between all the people participating in our children’s daily development. LivingTree’s “Conversations” provides tools for parents, extended families, youth leaders and organizations to privately share posts, photos, media, files, and converse in the context of our children’s lives. LivingTree aggregates all conversations into one secure place, providing a quick and easy way to converse with schools, teachers, leagues, coaches, etc.  No more emails, reply alls, or series of websites.

Sharing and Remembering.  LivingTree channels meaningful moments to the people who matter most in our children’s lives. LivingTree’s “Memories” feature offers parents an easy (yet private) way to chronicle the lives of their children. Quickly post a set of photos or media to a “Memory Mix” per child, and share it with other extended family members.  It not only helps you capture the important moments and experiences in your children’s lives, but instantly arranges them in the way you want to remember them. For example, chronicle the changing interests of one child— construction, superheroes, marine biology—while showing the steadfast interest of another—Shelby sings her heart out, age 3 to 15. And when connected to a child’s classroom or team, users get instant access to other photos or media the teachers, coaches or other parents have shared privately into the class or team – grab any of those, and chronicle for future posterity.

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