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How to Use Livingtree’s Efficient Online School Store

If your school is selling items like spirit wear or collecting payments and school fees, creating an online shopping experience is a sure-fire way to make it easy on parents, students, and your school. Online school stores and payment services eliminate the stress for parents that are hoping their child’s money doesn’t get lost between home and school, and the ease of purchase can also provide an effective boost in PTA or ASB funds. That’s why providing an online school store is one of the most effective steps when it comes to collecting school payments or generating funds for your PTA, ASB, and other school organizations.

So in addition to the suite of fundraising tools already in the Livingtree Give fundraising platform, you can also set up an online school store for item sales, as well as payment and fee collections. The Livingtree Give School Store can act as an online point of sale system for your school team, club, PTA, ASB, or any other organization, delivering convenience for all your school payment needs. And the best part? It’s included for free within the suite of features of Livingtree Give’s fundraising platform. That means there are no upfront costs or setup fees!

With that in mind, let’s take a closer look:

What is Livingtree’s Online School Store Feature?

Livingtree’s Online School Store offers an extremely simple and easy-to-use system to sell items or collect payments and student fees through your own eCommerce-inspired online store. You can use it in your school to sell things like spirit wear, fundraising items, apparel, merchandise, uniforms, event tickets, ID cards, year books, parking passes, and more! Or you can collect school payments like course fees, field trip fees, technology and insurance fees, club fees, or team fees.

Livingtree Give Online School Store Payments Feature

Here are some of the things you can do with the Livingtree School Store:
∙ Customize your store with a heading image and store descriptions
∙ Set a start and end date for your store (great for seasonal organizations or fundraisers)
∙ Customize store items with optional variables like sizes and colors
∙ Set maximum inventory quantities
∙ Provide secure checkout with PayPal processing
∙ View and download transaction reports

The School Store feature on the Livingtree Give platform offers great versatility to help you sell items and collect payments online without the complexity of the big commerce systems – all for free!

How to Get Started with Livingtree’s Online School Store Feature?

Think the Livingtree Give School Store can help with your sales and payments? Here’s how to get started:

Create an online school store on Livingtree’s Fundraising Platform

1. Sign up for a free Livingtree Give account or log in to your account if you are a part of a district plan.
2. Select the new “Stores” tab from the left menu and then select, “Create a Store”
3. Customize your store details and add items you plan to sell.
4. Share it! Your school store has a unique URL that you can share with your community.

The School Store is just another reason why Livingtree Give is the all-in-one fundraising solution for school districts, with management solutions for the district office, and free online fundraising solutions for PTAs, Teams, School Clubs, and Teachers.

Sign up for a free account to start fundraising or to create a school store:

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