Rebuilding Trust Through Livingtree’s School Communication Platform

School & District Administrators Share Their LivingTree School Communication Experience

–“It’s helped rebuild parents’ trust in our schools.”
–“Prior to LivingTree we could only do one-way communication, mostly in English.”
–“It really has streamlined communications with our parents.”
–“It’s a great platform to really share and show the power of family and community in a learning environment.”
–“There’s never been a concern about confidentiality or privacy.”

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LivingTree is a private social network for your district. It’s a single, secure place on web or mobile to engage your staff, parent, and student communities. Build deeper partnerships and trust by privately translating two-way conversations to over 40 languages, sharing media, managing volunteers, instantly alerting your community, sending direct messages and more. As an administrator, LivingTree allows you to share to an entire school community or an entire district in one spot. It allows you to share as granularly as you need, down to a classroom level, or as broadly as you’d like – across an entire school, group of schools, or district.

How do you rebuild trust, foster community, and improve outcomes?


“One of the challenges that we saw when we were archaically using paper  – we would send things home and the families that spoke languages other than English had no idea what was going on at the school. The translation feature has given them the ability to understand what events are coming and how they can help. We’ve seen an increase in our second language learner families participating in our PTA and in our school.” — Kristin A., PTA President and Parent

Privacy and Security:

“For every school district, safety of our students is our top priority. With LivingTree, we are now able to share information on a secure and private network.”

“We don’t ever want to put too much information out on public social media sites where a child predator would now know where they are and it would pose a safety risk to our students. That’s something that we don’t really like to think about in our schools but we must, and so LivingTree gives us that private, secure, safe network to communicate.” — Lesley Weaver, Director of Communications, Irving ISD


“The thing I really love about LivingTree as on online communication tool is it really has streamlined our communications with parents. I can send information from iPad or my iPhone and not be sitting at my desk and not at school –  I can be working at home.” — Ms. Kronke, Principal

Streamlined Communication:

“With LivingTree you no longer have to check multiple website, multiple email accounts, and multiple calendars, everything is conveniently organized for you. The features that we use the most are photo sharing, calendar sharing, and being able to sign up for events.” — Lesley Weaver, Director of Communications, Irving ISD

Virtual Windows:

“It really pulls parents into the classroom without them having to be there. In the middle of a lesson (from my cell phone) when kids are jotting down answers or working in small group I can post right away (and share what’s happening with parents).”
— Ms. Leu, Teacher

“Parents are just learning so much more, and excited about what’s going on in the classroom.”
— Carolyn L., Parent

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