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What's your current process for approving, tracking, and reporting fundraisers across every school?

Based on the responses we’ve heard from district administrators, it’s likely either a dysfunctional string of emails, online forms, or worse – paper forms.
Most fundraising sites and programs weren’t built to incorporate school and district administrators. Plus, with the number of recent guidelines that recommend policies and controls, districts need a way to ensure that fundraising projects are always pre-approved by the correct administrators and that incoming funds and inventory are reported. With so many options out there for teachers, clubs, teams, and boosters, how do you pre-approve, track, and retain reporting for all of those fundraising projects?

Livingtree Approve: District-Wide Fundraising Visibility with One Platform

Livingtree Approve streamlines fundraising management for school districts. The platform includes an automated system for district offices to easily review and approve ANY fundraiser, ensure that fundraisers are approved by the correct administrators, and collect data around fundraising activities in every school.

Livingtree Give Fundraiser Approval Screen Chat

Layered Approval

Every fundraiser, regardless of whether it takes place online or traditionally, enters a layered Approval Process set by the district office. The Approval Process ensures that fundraisers are approved by the correct administrators before they go live and provides complete visibility - helping to eliminate headaches, liabilities, and surprises later on.

Automated Procedures

School districts can customize approval flows to ensure that fundraisers are automatically sent to the correct administrators for review and approval. The system also includes automatic reminders and notifications. These automations streamline procedures, eliminating manual processes, saving time, and adding additional safeguards.

Automated Procedures Livingtree Approve Fundraising Management Platform for School Districts
Livingtree Give Fundraiser Reporting

Data & Reporting

Reporting aggregates fundraising data to provide key insights into activities and financials. The data can help school districts make critical decisions about budgetary resolutions or their policies and procedures, share information, create cost savings, and even negotiate with vendors.

Tracking Fundraisers Doesn't Have to be Complicated

Livingtree Approve creates an easy step-by-step process to ensure fundraisers are correctly pre-approved and reported.

  1. Fundraiser Submitted for Approval
  2. Fundraiser Approved by School Administratior(s)
  3. Fundraiser Approved by District Administratior(s)
  4. Fundraiser Launched and Completed
  5. Data Aggregated in Reporting

Ready to Streamline and Automate the Fundraising Procedures in Your District?

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Looking for an efficient fundraising platform built with layered approval, accounting code tracking, and financial reporting that your entire district can use?

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