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Livingtree Engage Parent-Teacher Communication Platform

As a teacher, you know how important consistent parent communication is for family engagement. Want to enhance teacher-parent communication with a free app or platform? There are different classroom management and parent communication apps for teachers - so how do you select the one that will best meet your needs? By choosing a parent-teacher communication app that was developed by parents, and that is completely free.

That's right! No costs or subscriptions (for teachers or parents). No limits on characters or classrooms seats. And no ads!

Livingtree's Engage school communication platform is designed for better parent-teacher communication that connects teachers with all of their students' parents. It helps educators build stronger relationships with families and promote engagement in student learning through easy-to-use features available on web browsers and mobile applications.

Perfect for Multilingual School Communities

Livingtree Engage Two-Way Translations for School Communication

Livingtree provides communication for every family by breaking down language barriers with automatic two-way translation into over 100 languages!

Two-Way Conversation Feed

See everything from your classrooms and school groups. Share messages, photos, files and more to create true two-way dialogue with your classroom community.

Language Translation

Include EVERYONE in the conversation with translation in 100+ languages. Teachers and parents can easily communicate in separate languages with automatic two-way translation.

Direct Messaging

Two-way communication is quick and easy with direct messaging between teachers and parents.

Shared Calendar

See upcoming events in the school and classroom. Create events with sign-ups, RSVPs, and reminders, and sync with your personal Google, iCal, and Outlook Calendars.

Volunteer & Sign Up Management

Easily create signups and RSVPs for field trips, classroom parties, or family-teacher conferences. Parents automatically receive updates, notifications, and reminders.

Secure Network Directory

The system automatically organizes user’s private network Contacts. Simply search for a contact to directly message them.

Private and Secure

Exchange information knowing all your data is private and secure. LivingTree is COPPA and FERPA compliant, and a member of the Student Privacy Pledge Act. We’ll only collect what is necessary to build out your school network, and we’ll never share your information.

Livingtree is Free for Teachers and Families

If you’re comparing classroom communication apps or platforms, check out Livingtree Engage. Welcome families through two-way communication, by sharing their children’s classroom activities and experiences.

Why Choose Livingtree for a Parent-Teacher Communication Platform?

Our company was created in 2012 as a way for families to use technology to keep them connected to their children’s school lives. We are constantly seeking and developing the best technology platforms and practices to keep parents up to date on what’s happening in the classroom, and to streamline the work of teachers. We also strive to help individual schools and districts stay connected to parents and families in one dedicated place. Sign up today to see why teachers and schools are choosing Livingtree’s Engage app for Parent-Teacher Communication.

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