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Make the most of your PTA's time and donations

Traditional fundraisers can require hours of administrative time for your PTA

Coordination with companies, volunteer recruitment, promotion and marketing, staff coordination, venue preparation – it all adds up, especially when your PTA hosts several fundraisers a year.

Fundraising programs for schools and PTAs keep up to 80% of the funds your community donates

Hosting a restaurant night? Chipotle Keeps 66% of the funds, and Panda Express keeps 80%! Hosting a Fund-A-Thon? Some popular companies charge 25% and up, plus fees!

Your school community would rather just give

Most families and community members would rather give to a school fundraiser, rather than have to buy something.

The Online Platform for PTA & PTO Fundraising

Created for schools with no platform costs or subscriptions and all the fundraising tools you need in one place.

Online Fundraising Features for PTAs & PTOs

Crowdfunding Campaigns
Raffle Drawings
Membership Dues
Online School Store
Events & Ticketing
Volunteer & Sign Up Management
Recurring Donations
CRM-Like Contact Management
Organization Fundraising Page
Email Marketing
Social Media Sharing
Contact Collector
Scan-and-Give Print Flyers
Website Donation Button
Financial Reports
Customizable Receipting
Secure Payment Processing

Features that PTAs & PTOs Love

Livingtree Give Scan-And-Print Fundraising Flyers

Scan-and-Give Print Flyers

With a simple click, PTAs and PTOs can generate a printable flyer for their online fundraising campaigns that can be posted around the school and throughout the community. The flyer is equipped with a custom QR-code that allows donors to simply Scan-and-Give to the campaign in seconds. Additionally, parent organizations can use the QR code on other printed materials (like posters, stickers, and banners), digital advertisements, newsletters, and more.

The Contact Collector

Livingtree Give offers a one-of-a-kind feature, that allows school PTAs and PTOs to quickly build a database of potential donors. With the Contact Collector, you can submit a request to your current contacts (donors, organization members, family, friends, etc.) to share the contact information of people they know who might be willing to donate to your campaign. Once submitted, those contacts are populated into your Livingtree Give Contacts database. This tool offers parent organizations a way to exponentially grow their contact database and reach new donors.

Livingtree Give Contact Collector Fundraising Tool

Online School Store

School PTAs and PTOs can sell items easier with their own online store through Livingtree Give. PTAs and PTOs can sell supplies, event tickets, spirit wear, school apparel, merchandise, fundraising goods, and more! Parent organizations are able to set start and end dates, customize store item details, set maximum per-order item quantities, and download transaction reports to fulfill and reconcile orders.

Streamlined Fundraising

Efficient Tools: PTAs & PTOs use Livingtree Give to save time and maximize funds

Follow our easy step-by-step process to quickly launch your fundraiser


Use our email, contact collector, social media sharing, and print flyer tools to share your campaign


Donors can engage with your campaign page and make a donation using the secure Paypal checkout processing


Manage your campaign’s progress, and view detailed transaction and donor data in Reporting


Donations are made available in your PayPal account, so you can securely collect and fund your cause

Payment Processing Powered by PayPal

As a PayPal Education partner, the Livingtree Give online school fundraising platform is backed with the safety and security of PayPal payment processing. Parent organizations retain detailed financial reporting and donor records, without the worry of 3rd party access.

A transaction fee is all it costs to innovate your PTA fundraising

No upfront costs or setup fees. No contracts or commitments. We only charge a total of 5% + $0.49 per transaction*. That allows us to continue hosting your fundraisers and innovating the platform with great features. All transactions are securely processed by PayPal so that you are in control with instant access to your funds.

Find out more about our transaction fee.

*Transaction fee may differ for enterprise plans based on the agreed-upon rate as stated in the contract.

What PTAs and PTOs are Saying

#KGPRIDE "One & Done" Fundraiser

"One & Done" is the main fundraiser at Kent Gardens and it's just like it sounds... You make one...

$ 50,000.00


$ 55,916.00




Cultivate a Love of Learning - The Outdoor Classroom Project

Blanton Elementary invites you to be part of our “Cultivate a Love of Learning” fundraising campaign...

$ 10,000.00


$ 10,320.00




Love your School, Love your Skin

As we celebrate this month of love and friendship, we ask that you join our school-wide, community-wide effort...

$ 13,000.00


$ 13,115.00




Skip the Chocolates and Wrapping Paper!

Created almost a decade ago, Livingtree Give was originally built for the PTAs and PTOs that worked to fill the funding gaps and support their schools. If your parent organization needs a modern online fundraising platform that’s easy to use and has everything in one place, then Livingtree Give is the solution. Create a free account today!

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