Getting the Most Out of Your “Staycation”

Top Ideas for Spring Break at Home

Spring Break can be a fabulous time to travel and see new things, to refresh and rejuvenate, experience new things at home, or even get ahead for the coming months. These four ideas really resonated as ways to get the most from a Spring Break Staycation.

#1  Play!
Recreation is one of the best ways to make new memories, recover from stress, and feed creative thinking and growth mindsets. Whether it’s bicycling, jump roping, swimming, running, skating, playing tag or getting really creative with a water balloon war or even making your own field day plan, go out and play.

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“People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.” – Dale Carnegie

#2  Help Your High Schooler Find the Fun Jobs & Internships
Think how good it would feel to for them to get ahead on the summer job search and find something seriously fun to work at or an inspiring place to intern. The truly fun jobs and internship spots will be taken up first, and March is the time that many employers begin searching for candidates to fill positions. Get ahead of the rush and grab your seat in the “fun section”!

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#3  Do Volunteer Work and Make Someone’s Day!
When you help someone it pays you and those around you in kind. Volunteer work is the best cure for being sad about missing out on the expensive vacation the neighbors got to take. Making someone else’s day is priceless and feeds the heart and mind. Whether it’s helping the elderly neighbors with yard work or joining in on a Habitat for Humanity project, any form of volunteer work that interests you or your children is sure to bring smiles as well as great lessons and stories.

#4  Organize and Clear Your Mind and Worries Away
It is absolutely true that a clear house lends to a clear mind. Prepare to more fully enjoy the weeks ahead by organizing. The more organized you are in your closet, kitchen, supplies and files, the more successful you will be because every day life will just feel easier. Instead of rummaging around for whatever you need at every other moment, you can move through your day with ease and grace when you are organized. The entire household can breathe easier every day when you are and remain organized along the way.

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