Guiding Teachers through Family Engagement

Families join our teachers from a variety of circumstances and cultures. Moving beyond beginning of school introductions to partnership takes planning and effort. True family engagement is a year long process.

Teaching Tolerance has excellent resources available to guide teachers in partnering with ALL families throughout the year to achieve ultimate student success. From this attitudinal survey to guidance on respect, their resources can simplify planning. Attitude and respect are paramount to developing and maintaining family relationships. Three key respect takeaways:

1. Value the cultural knowledge children bring to school by acknowledging family diversity through discussion, affirmation and celebration.
2. Build cultural continuity between home and school to encourage parent involvement in school activities.
3. Explore your own family background as well as the diversity specific to your classroom community.

Communicating in home language, reaching every parent where they are, and allowing two way conversation between all families are key steps in realizing respect and transparency. Technology in the form of a single, secure platform like Livingtree’s School Communication System can provide this and be a cornerstone in achieving your engagement plans, transparency, and mutual respect this year.

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