There’s a PLATFORM for that “School Communication”

There’s an app for that. In 2016 there’s an app (or a dozen) for every need and / or want we can imagine. Education technology is no different. Every week there’s another app for behavior, communication, attendance, you name it. They’re free! The teachers will drive them! But when is enough enough? When is one more just another rock on an overflowing pile? Why are we placing more burdens on our teachers, parents, and students with too many single purpose applications? Are we trying to use an app when a platform is needed? A resounding “YES” is the answer when it comes to parent engagement.

Parent engagement is the number one driver of student success. Yet, when it comes to technology we’re letting the two-way conversation flow on public social media or offering classroom level private social media that teachers, parents, and students set up and manage themselves. Maybe we’re even doing single direction notification apps instead of anything that approaches conversation. Methodologies change from year to year. There’s a lack of consistency from classroom to classroom within a school and campus to campus within a district. We lose parents on the sheer basis of confusion and time to connect. Teachers become frustrated with lack of participation and amount of time for upkeep.

We have the school communication technology to solve this. Taking a school or district wide platform approach resolves the engagement barriers of time and consistency. Set it up for the teachers AND parents! Integrate with the school information system and keep it up to date daily. Take the time burden away and let our educators, parents, and students focus on positive conversation and partnership. Providing a school or district wide platform with engagement features on top (media sharing, conversation, volunteer management, etc.) can take parent engagement to a whole new level. Just ask PSJA ISD or Irving ISD.

Yes, there’s an app for that – But, do you really need a platform?

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