Thoughts on a New School Year

What an incredible few years it’s been. As we head into our fourth school year, the results we’re hearing about are further fuel to keep us leaping forward. As if contributing to an initiative which drastically improves literacy rates, attendance, graduation rates, and student performance weren’t enough, the delight of our parents, teachers, and administrators humbles and motivates us.

We’re living in an age where technology can be used to build relational foundations not previously experienced. A world where parents can see right into the classroom. A world where we can give every community member a voice regardless of socio-economic status or language spoken. It’s a remarkable time to be a student, parent, and educator. A time where we can share and engage with one another like never before.

The past three school years have proven our vision to be true. They’ve shown us the magnificent impact a private engagement network can have on an entire community. As a parent, I’ve experienced the old world and the new. The old world where I received one way, many times irrelevant information and the new world where I’m part of a larger community, receive only relevant information, have a view into the classroom, and a voice in the community. Even better, the new world removes burden from our incredible teachers by developing stronger relationships, letting parents help where applicable, and simplifying engagement for and of all community members. As a LivingTree leader, I couldn’t be more proud to help transform how technology is used for engagement around the world.

We are inspired by and love being part of the transformation of relationships and partnerships within a community. We’re driven by the impact we hear about every day. We’ve heard from so many of our community members this summer and are delighted by your passion and commitment for community engagement.

“I can’t imagine going a year without LivingTree.” – LivingTree Principal, Houston, TX (As she changed schools and worked with us to bring LivingTree to her new school)

“Communication at my son’s school improved 10-fold after they adopted the LivingTree program. I received prompt communication from the teachers, principal, VP, and Dir. of Family services for issues on testing, school closing, book fair, etc. There was a period where a water main break happened in front of the school. We were notified immediately – 6am that school was closed. The following day, we were notified immediately through LivingTree that the traffic would be re-routed. I felt that I was an informed parent and have even looked into LivingTree for the new school we are involved with. I highly recommend this program.” LivingTree Parent Baltimore, MD

“LivingTree has transformed my relationship with parents. It’s allowed me to have deeper conversations in person and truly focus on my classroom this year. I LOVE LivingTree.” – LivingTree Teacher, Austin, TX

As the new school year begins, we encourage you to join and/or continue the engagement movement and push your community forward to new levels of connection and success. We’re excited to continue raising the pride with you.

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