• by Joni Carswell
  • November 30, 2016
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  • Livingtree builds trust and partnership between schools and families by providing a secure school communication paltform to enable family engagement. LivingTree builds these communities using the LivingTree Tiered Social NetworkR.

    What is LivingTree’s Tiered Social NetworkR?

    It is a private social network that is built as a hierarchy, or ‘tiered’ – like an organization chart or feeder pattern. Each group (class, grade level, etc.) has its own private community which nests into the organizational layer above it. Conversation and content flow up, down, and across the tiered network based on group membership and relationship to the community.

    Users are given relevant content based on their relationships or connections to the community. For example, a kindergarten parent receives their class, kindergarten grade level, school, and district level content. They are not disturbed with irrelevant information from other classes, grades, or schools within the broader community.

    Livingtree Tiered Social Network Diagram

    LivingTree’s Tiered Social NetworkR uniquely gives administrators at each level the full view and analytics of the smaller community networks feeding into their part of the organization. LivingTree empowers leaders and organizations to connect, share, and coordinate up, down and across all levels of their private Tiered Social NetworkR.

    With all engagement efforts (announcements, texts, alerts, photo sharing, volunteer management, two way conversation, private messaging, etc.) in a single network, administrators, teachers, and parents experience less chaos and frustration, save time, and can focus on engagement!

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