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Today’s K-12 schools face a variety of challenges in terms of school fundraising and encouraging engagement with the families of students. Harnessing the appropriate educational software can help districts and individual schools with both, but how do you determine which type of school management software is the best fit for you? Livingtree offers school district software developed specifically for the unique needs of schools and districts. Our clients include K-12 schools of all sizes throughout the U.S. Read on for more about the school software we offer and how it can benefit your school.

Give: The Fundraising Tool Specifically for School Districts

School fundraising can produce a host of potential legal and financial issues if done improperly. How can districts raise funds legally, transparently and ethically? By using the appropriate tool. Give, Livingtree’s school fundraising platform, enables your district to manage online crowdfunding. If you’re looking for a way to initiate or enhance school district fundraising, our software includes tools like built-in automated campaign approval processes, campaign-accounting code tracking, detailed reporting of all campaigns and easy donor marketing. When you harness the power of Give, you can:

  • Easily vet every fundraising campaign with a customized built-in approval process
  • Instantly route and disperse funds from a district account
  • Track donations and disbursements by using your district’s unique accounting codes
  • Generate reports for details on donors and campaigns
  • Reach thousands of potential donors with our promotional tools
  • Track and manage all donors with contact manager
Give software for schools makes school fundraising a snap. You’ll find it simple to develop campaigns, raise money, track donors and donations and disperse funds.

Engage: Connecting Students, Families and Schools

Teachers and administrators recognize the importance of family involvement when it comes to student success. But how do you achieve that end? Is your school or district using a family engagement platform? And if you are, is it producing the results you desire? Livingtree’s Engage was specifically designed to help schools enhance family engagement. Our software is backed by Dr. Steve Constantino, a national family engagement expert, and was developed to connect educators and families with the goal of improving overall student success. When you choose Engage as your family engagement software, you can:

  • Share messages, photos, files and more to create two-way dialogue with your classroom community
  • Measure the effectiveness of engagement with families as it relates to student learning outcomes using our Family Efficacy Score (FES).
  • Translate posts and messages into more than 100 languages Immediately message teachers and family members
  • Create and sync events with personal calendars and view upcoming classroom events
  • Organize volunteers with signups and RSVPs for classroom parties and field trips
  • Access a network directory to search for system contacts
Engage keeps your data private and secure, and Livingtree is COPPA- and FERPA-compliant. Our company is a member of the Student Privacy Pledge Act, which confirms that we collect only necessary information to build out your school network, and never share it. If your district is ready to lay the groundwork to truly engage every family, Livingtree also offers a full Family Engagement Program that incorporates professional development, training, and technology to transform your district with the knowledge and tools to engage every family. Developed in partnership with Dr. Steve Constantino, Livingtree’s program leads districts to a sustained family engagement process over-time, that fully increases student academic outcomes.

Why Choose Livingtree?

Whether you’re looking for primary school fundraising, secondary school fundraising, district-wide fundraising or a means to better connect with parents and families, Livingtree specializes in helping schools fundraise legally and transparently, and enhance family engagement. Our tools are designed specifically for the needs of schools of all sizes. Contact us today to learn more about how our school crowdfunding and family engagement platforms can help enhance and improve student success.

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