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Looking to enhance student success in your school or district? Improve parent engagement in schools. When you focus on building parent engagement in schools, you benefit students in a number of ways — academically, emotionally and socially.

How can teachers and schools effectively encourage and support parent and family engagement? By utilizing Engage, the family engagement software from Livingtree.

Engage: Promoting Family Engagement in Schools

Teachers, educators and administrators understand that maintaining communication with families is paramount. But many schools and districts are going about it the wrong way, often using too many apps to try to deliver important information. Or maybe your district hasn’t taken advantage of online tools to promote community engagement in schools and is relying on outdated means of communication, like photocopied handouts that invariably get tossed or misplaced.

If you’re comparing tools for engaging parents in schools, you may find it hard to choose between different platforms. Look a little more closely. Nearly all of these family engagement tools are designed to send messages or to serve as parent portals for all kinds of communication coming from a school or district. 

Engage is different. It was designed and developed specifically with the goal of family engagement in mind and is backed by the research-based practices of Dr. Steve Constantino, a national family engagement expert. Our platform helps connect educators and families, building relationships that will enhance and support each student’s academic progress and prowess.

The Benefits of Engage for Students — and Your Schools

When your goal is engaging families in schools, consider the benefits of using Engage:

Choose a plan for your community

School Plan

Create a network of classrooms and
groups for your school

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  • Two-Way Conversation Feed
  • Family Efficacy Score™
  • Translation in 100+ Languages
  • 1:1 Direct Messaging
  • Integrated Calendar
  • Event, Volunteer, & Signup Management
  • Photo, Video, & File Sharing
  • Email & Mobile Push Notifications
  • Text Message (SMS) & Automated Call Alerts
  • SIS Integration / Rostering
  • School Engagement Reports
  • Live Customer Support

District Plan

Build a community centered around
every school in the district

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  • Everything for schools, PLUS...
  • District-Level Visibility
  • District-Wide Posts & Messages
  • District-Wide Engagement Reports
  • Consistent Engagement for Every Family
  • Family Engagement & Platform Training
  • User On-Boarding
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Quarterly Success Reviews & Strategies

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Livingtree specializes in helping schools and districts enhance family engagement and raise funds legally and transparently. Our family engagement platform, Engage, was designed specifically for family engagement and can be used by schools of any size. Contact us to learn how we can help you improve overall student achievement and success.

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