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An End-to-End K-12 Fundraising Solution

Livingtree Give is a free online fundraising software for schools that steps into the gap to help teachers, teams, clubs, parent organizations, and education foundations maximize funding and minimize time. Additionally, it serves as an all-in-one online fundraising platform for school district offices that need to manage fundraiser approval, tracking, and reporting.

From free fundraising accounts for school organizations all the way up to district-wide management plans for the district office – Livingtree Give helps, quite literally, the entire school district with fundraising.

Livingtree Give for School Districts

District offices use Livingtree Give to manage school fundraising in one place

Livingtree Give provides an online fundraising management system for your district office to oversee all online fundraising and crowdfunding activities (in or outside the platform) with built-in tools like automated campaign approval processes, accounting code tracking, and detailed reporting of all campaigns.

Many fundraising websites for schools allow members to raise money in the name of a school or district without any coordination. With the potential school fundraising liabilities and lack of controls, school districts need a better way to track crowdfunding.


Livingtree Give’s unique fundraising management system allows districts to take control and oversee all fundraisers. Livingtree Give is the only online fundraising application built specifically with K-12 school district offices in mind.

Livingtree Give for School Teachers, Teams, and Groups

A free all-in-one online fundraising platform for teams, teachers, clubs, PTAs/PTOs, and boosters

School fundraising should be easy. To make the most of your time, you need a platform that doesn’t have long learning curves, long-term commitments, limited or “pay-to-unlock” features, or high fees or commissions.

Free & Easy-to-Use Online Fundraising Tools:
That’s why school groups and organizations use Livingtree Give. It’s a free and easy-to-use fundraising site for teachers, teams, clubs, PTAs/PTOs, foundations, and boosters that provides powerful online fundraising tools to help your group save time and maximize funds. With the Give platform, you can access multiple fundraising options, sell items online, manage your donor contacts, set up promotional email campaigns - all for free in one single place. Livingtree’s Give platform makes online school fundraising simple and efficient for you.

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PCI-Compliant and Backed with the Security of PayPal

Livingtree is a PayPal Education Partner
Whether using Livingtree Give to manage fundraising across your district or to fundraise for your classroom, the online fundraising platform for schools meets PCI Compliance and is backed with the safety and security of PayPal. As a PayPal Education partner, payments are processed with the security of PayPal, and you retain reporting and financial records without the worry of 3rd party access. Plus, you save your donors the hassle of writing checks or counting cash.

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