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A Fundraising Platform Designed Specifically for Schools & Districts

Are school fundraising programs used in your schools? If so, you're not alone - more schools than ever are crowdfunding for education supplies and using crowdfunding websites. And for a number of reasons (liability, inventory and fund management, etc.), most district offices are creating policies around online fundraising for schools. If you're a district leader, administrator, or board member considering online school fundraising programs, you may find plenty of options. But only one is designed specifically for the unique needs of both schools and school districts - Livingtree Give.

Livingtree Give: Manage All of Your District's Online Fundraising Campaigns

With the Give platform, you can completely manage all aspects of your schools' online fundraising activities. Every campaign goes through a customizable multi-step approval process, so your district office oversees every aspect without any surprises. Additionally, with financial tracking and routing options, your district office oversees all funds and where they go.

As you may already know, districts can potentially face financial and legal consequences if funds are raised incorrectly through school fundraising programs. Yet, many districts lack efficient management and controls around crowdfunding.

Livingtree Give is the answer. It's the only fundraising platform created specifically for K-12 school districts that has fundraiser approval, tracking, and reporting tools built-in so that your district office can oversee every online fundraiser associated with your schools.

Lana Berry, Chief Financial Officer at Chandler Unified School District, discusses why they selected Livingtree Give

Create Transparent Fundraising

School districts can set up a customized approval process to ensure fundraisers are reviewed and approved by the correct staff members before they go live. Funds that are raised are transferred through one school or district controlled account, providing the ultimate oversight and transparency for fundraising.

Track Every Detail

Livingtree Give's unique accounting code tracking system allows districts to track and associate every single dollar and fundraising campaign. Plus, the robust Reporting feature is District Finance Team Approved, making it easy to generate reports to track your transactions, analyze campaign statistics, and keep track of donors.

Make Fundraising Easy

Teachers, teams, programs, PTAs, and boosters can create professional-looking fundraising campaigns in just minutes. Supporters are able to view every campaign on your customized district and campus level Livingtree Fundraising pages.

The Benefits of the Livigtree Give District Plan:

  • Fully PCI Compliant
  • Customizable Multi-Step Campaign Approval Process
  • Audit Trail of All Campaign Activities
  • Accounting Code Entry Process
  • "District Finance Team Approved" Reporting
  • Unlimited Fundraising and Administrative Accounts
  • Numerous Fundraising Campaign Options
  • Public Organization Fundraising Pages
  • CRM-Like Donor & Contact Management
  • Unlimited Email-Marketing
  • District & Education Foundation Accounts
  • Customized District Public Fundraising Page
  • "Donation" Button Design & Website Integration
  • Corporate Donation Management
  • Corporate Sponsor Visibility
  • Dedicated Success manager
  • Customize the multi-step fundraising approval process to ensure every campaign is reviewed and approved by the correct school and district staff
  • Oversee and disperse funds from a district account to eliminate personal bank accounts and manual tracking
  • Attach your district's accounting codes to campaigns for simple tracking and fund disbursement
  • Generate detailed reports about campaigns, funds, and donor contacts
  • Centralize your district's fundraising on a single fundraising page customized by you
Want the fundraiser approval and reporting system without the fundraising platform?

We have that to, it's called Livingtree Approve. Check out how this system can work with any platform, and any program, to streamline and automate procedures in your district.

Ready to oversee fundraising in your district with an all-in-one online fundraising platform?

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