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A Fundraising Platform Designed
Specifically for Schools

Does your school use online school fundraising programs? Are you considering it? If so, you’re not alone — more schools than ever are turning to crowdfunding for education. The combination of tighter budgets, higher expenses and larger numbers of students often means that schools must fundraise to meet the needs of their K-12 students.

As more districts turn to online fundraising for schools, they must determine not only their individual fundraising goals but which fundraising platform is the most appropriate. If you’re a leader, administrator or board member considering online school fundraising programs, you may find plenty of options. But only one is designed specifically for the unique needs of schools and school districts — Livingtree’s Give. Unlike other fundraising platforms, our software was developed with crowdfunding for schools as its goal.

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School Plan

Manage online fundraising in coordination with your school PTA, teachers, clubs, and boosters

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  • Fully PCI Compliant
  • Multi-Tier Campaign Approval Process
  • Audit Trail of All Campaign Activities
  • Accounting Code Entry Process
  • Detailed Campaign & Donation Reporting
  • Accounts for Teachers, PTAs, Clubs & Boosters
  • Multiple Fundraising Options
  • Low Transaction Fees
  • Public School Fundraising Page
  • Donor & Contact Management
  • Unlimited Mass-Email Communications

District Plan

Create a transparent fundraising process for every school, teacher, PTA, club, and booster in the district

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  • Everything for schools, PLUS...
  • District-Level Campaign Approval Steps
  • District Finance Team Approved Reporting
  • District & Education Foundation Accounts
  • Customized District Public Fundraising Page
  • Corporate Sponsor Visibility
  • Corporate Donation Management
  • “Donation” Button Design & Website Integration
  • Unlimited Fundraising & Administrative Accounts
  • Dedicated Success Manager

Give: for All Your School and District
Fundraising Campaigns

What makes Give unique is its ability to let you completely control and manage all aspects of your online fundraising activities. Because every campaign goes through a customized multi-step approval process, your district oversees every aspect of every campaign without any surprises. That’s one way Give keeps school districts’ needs in mind. As you may already know, districts can face financial and legal consequences if they raise funds inappropriately. Yet, many districts lack any management policies that address crowdfunding. It’s not as simple as just prohibiting crowdfunding either, because then your schools and district would lose access to the sizable benefits that school fundraising programs can produce. 

Livingtree Give is the answer. It’s the only fundraising platform developed and created specifically for K-12 school districts that has built-in automated campaign approval processes, campaign-accounting code tracking, detailed reporting of all campaigns and easy donor marketing.

The Benefits of Give for
Your School or District

When you use Give for crowdfunding for schools, you will benefit from the following:

  • Ability to use our customized built-in approval process to vet every campaign
  • Ability to quickly dispersefunds from a single district account in real time
  • Ability to attach your district’s accounting codesto campaigns for simple tracking and fund disbursement
  • Ability to generate detailed reportsabout campaigns, funding and donor contacts
  • Ability to reach thousands of potential donors with our promotional tools and website integration
  • Ability to track all donors with contact manager

Give makes crowdfunding for schools easy and efficient. You’ll find it simple to develop and manage campaigns, raise money and disperse the funds where most needed.


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Why Choose Livingtree?

Livingtree specializes in helping schools and school districts fundraise legally and transparently. We started our company with two missions in mind — to help support schools by providing them with fundraising tools designed specifically for school-wide and district-wide campaigns and to enhance family engagement for better overall student success. Contact us today to learn how we can help you make the most of school crowdfunding campaigns.

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