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“I really like the fact that our schools and teachers are all using one unified platform”


– Angie Meadows, District Family Engagement Coordinator, PCS


With effective communication, families are connected, informed, and engaged. BUT, many families receive communication from, well, everywhere. Many districts and schools need a better way for families to receive information, without sorting through busy email inboxes and sporadic classroom apps. Don’t worry, you’re about to say hello to a better school communication experience with Livingtree’s Engage platform.

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Central Feed with Two-Way Conversation

Photo, Video, & File Sharing

Automatic Translation in 100+ Languages

Family Efficacy Score™ Interaction Measurement

Direct Messaging

Integrated Calendar with External Syncing

Event, Volunteer, & Signup Management

Polling / Surveys

Text Editing & Formatting Tools

Native Platform Video Player for Video Links

Email & Mobile Push Notifications

Text Message (SMS) & Automated Call Alerts

Urgent Alerts

Rostering with SIS Data

User On-Boarding with Text Message (SMS) & Email

School Activity & Engagement Reports

Live Customer Support for Staff & Families

Native Platform Integration with Edlio & Aeries SIS

Attendance & Lunch Balance Alerts

District-Level Communication Visibility

District-Level Communication Posting

District-Wide Activity & Engagement Reports

District-Wide Urgent Alerts

Consistent Communications Across Schools

Live Family Engagement & Platform Training

Dedicated Account Manager

Engage: Connecting Families, Students and Schools

You no doubt want to improve communication and involvement with the families in your school district. Yet, your district may be using too many apps to deliver information to families, which can leave them feeling overwhelmed or frustrated. Or perhaps you need a way to translate and deliver all of your classroom, school, and district communication in the preferred language of your families.

There are a variety of classroom and school communication platforms on the market, but most are only focused on sending messages or being parent portals. You can use Livingtree’s Engage platform to create an efficient district, school, and classroom communication experience in one place for every family.

The Benefits of Engage for Parents — and Your Schools

If your goal is getting parents involved in school, consider the benefits that Engage offers:


  • Two-way conversation feed — Our platform lets you see everything from your classrooms to school groups in an aggregated feed. You can share messages, photos, files and more to create a two-way conversation with your classroom community.
  • Language translation — This feature lets you include everyone, with translation into more than 100 languages. Direct messages, emails, phone alerts and text messages are automatically translated into the user’s selected language.
  • Family Efficacy Score™ (FES™) – A major advancement in family engagement, our score is the first of it’s kind. The score is designed to measure the effectiveness of engagement with families as it relates to student learning outcomes.
  • Direct messaging — Our direct message feature lets you have immediate private discussions with teachers and family members.
  • Shared calendar — Our calendar feature lets you view upcoming events in the classroom, school and district to improve parent engagement. You can create events and sync them with your personal Google, iCal and Outlook calendars.
  • Volunteer and event management — You can easily create signups and RSVPs for field trips, classroom parties or family-teacher conferences.

Private and Secure

Our Engage platform lets you exchange information, secure in the knowledge that your data is private and secure. Livingtree is COPPA- and FERPA-compliant and is a member of the Student Privacy Pledge Act. We only collect the necessary information to build out your school network and will never share your information.

Student Privacy Pledge Signature - Livingtree

Join the districts that finally have one place for better district, school, and classroom communication with families.  Livingtree’s Engage platform allows you to eliminate the different systems, tools, and apps in your schools, and create a better communication experience for families. Contact us today to learn more about how Engage can improve parent communication and keep families connected.

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