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Empowering Schools to Engage Families in Student Learning

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State departments, regional education associations, and school districts across the country are using Livingtree's professional development training to enhance family engagement

Aberdeen School District

Most schools understand the ideas of family engagement, but struggle with the practical steps of how to actually engage families. Livingtree's Professional Development training helps both your staff and leadership create authentic family engagement experiences that improve student learning.

Communication is good, 
effective communication is better.

Family engagement is a leading driver of student academic success, yet many schools and districts struggle to produce improvements in student learning. Why is that?

Teachers Don't Receive Training Specific to Family Engagement

Family Engagement is typically not a topic that is covered in teacher preparation programs, leaving teachers without knowledge about why family engagement is essential, what good family engagement looks like, and how to engage families.

Engagement Happens Outside of School, Not at School

A common misconception is that schools must get families to physically attend school functions. However, research has shown that the most powerful family engagement that best promotes student learning happens outside of school.

What if you could equip educators and leaders with research-based strategies to improve communication and increase family engagement?

Livingtree's Professional Development builds the capacity of both teachers and leaders to engage families in ways that support student learning. The training course increases staff knowledge of research-based practices and equips them with universal strategies for effectively communicating in ways that promote engagement.

There are two separate courses for teachers and for leaders, currently offered in an asynchronous online training format. These include a combination of video, audio, and written components, along with a digital/printable workbook, designed to drive experimentation, reflection, and to instill effective practices.

Administrators receive course reporting that provides evidence of specific learning and work completed.

Asynchronous Online Courses for Teachers and Leaders

Build Staff Capacity with Universal Family Communication Strategies

Staff members leave with practical ways to effectively connect with families and improve engagement. All course materials are platform agnostic - so regardless of the communication tool(s) your staff may use, they receive universal communication strategies for facilitating family engagement. The learning goals include:

  • Enhance staff understanding of how to measure family engagement and efficacy
  • Instill practices and strategies that facilitate family engagement 
  • Provide a practical skillset for creating effective family engagement communications and activities

Backed by Research, Leaders, and Experience

Livingtree's training was co-designed by leading education and family engagement experts. After 2+ years of in-person professional development training applications for school and district staff, the training has been refined and optimized as asynchronous online training courses. 

The courses provide expert-content, research-based strategies, and efficacy-based activities, to equip teachers and leaders with practices that authentically engage families.

Your success is our success

Currently being utilized by state departments, regional education associations, and school districts across the country

Every school struggles with family engagement and if you’re like us, we aren’t sure exactly what to target to make improvements because it is overwhelming. After attending today I feel like we can take on the bits and pieces slowly over time without adding anything new.

Anna Sell

This was such a great opportunity for us to collaborate, we had a chance to learn new ideas, highly effective strategies for increasing student achievement, and we are excited to explore more with Livingtree.

Jessica Stein
Family Engagement Coordinator

After spending the day I’m realizing that I actually learned a lot of new ways and ideas, and kind of a whole general philosophy of how to help my families be more excited and engaged in their kids’ learning

Kindergarten Teacher

Today, 3 days before our families came in, my entire staff feels so confident about ways to connect with families and I think we now have purpose and intention in looking at ways we connect with families that we would not have gotten had we just bought technology.

Christi Brzycki

Ready to empower your staff to engage families in ways that improve student learning?

Learn how you can equip your staff with effective strategies to improve parent communication and family engagement. Our team can walk you through the available course options and their curriculums, so you can determine what will work best for your staff.

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Free Technology Guide

App Overload: Why K-12 School Districts, Parents, and Teachers Need a Better Way to Engage

K-12 school districts need a unified solution that gives families the equivalent of a front-row seat or a window into the school.

Finding the right platform to facilitate this level of engagement can be challenging because there are so many different factors to consider. That's why our guide has narrowed down the four main capabilities your K-12 Engagement platform must have, and examines the best practices for K-12 school districts to implement a platform. Simply enter your email to download the guide.

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Empowering Schools to Engage Families in Student Learning

Technology is the Vehicle, Educators are the Driver

There are hundreds of parent communication tools, but are they used effectively? The tool is only as good as the person using them, which is why educators must be capable of driving engagement through sound practices.

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Most schools struggle to effectively communicate in ways that engage families in learning. Livingtree's Professional Development Training helps both staff and leadership create authentic family engagement experiences that improve student learning.

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Equip your school or district with better skills to engage families!

Ask about our regional and state-wide training options as well!

Ask about our regional and state-wide training options!