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Professional Development to Improve Family Engagement Across Schools

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Trusted by state departments and school districts across the country

Train staff across your school or district on practical family engagement approaches with curriculums tailored specifically for the roles of teachers, leaders, and family ambassadors.

Family Engagement Professional Development for Schools and Districts

Livingtree's Professional Development delivers actionable learning to help your staff learn, practice, and apply effective family engagement approaches. The tailored curriculum trains staff on practices in the following areas:

Shifting to a Family-Centric Practice

Understanding Why Families Disengage

Components of Authentic Family Engagement Practice 

Change Management and Applying Authentic Practices as a Community of Practice

Re-Engaging Families through Best Practice

Measuring Engagement and Efficacy 

Creating High Efficacy Interactions and Communications

Creating a Family Engagement Vision and Designing a School Improvement Plan

Co-developed alongside family engagement and education leaders to provide schools with high-quality, research-based learning content

Asynchronous online learning courses match anyone’s learning schedule and style

Coursework designed to help schools create and meet their strategic priorities

Course content and activities drive experimentation, reflection, and application of best practices to ultimately improve engagement

Separate courses with tailored content for teachers, leaders, and family ambassadors.

Online environment provides administrators with completed work, with data to measure and report learning

Your success is our success

What others have said about Livingtree's family engagement trainings

Every school struggles with family engagement and if you’re like us, we aren’t sure exactly what to target to make improvements because it is overwhelming. After attending today I feel like we can take on the bits and pieces slowly over time without adding anything new.

Anna Sell

This was such a great opportunity for us to collaborate, we had a chance to learn new ideas, highly effective strategies for increasing student achievement, and we are excited to explore more with Livingtree.

Jessica Stein
Family Engagement Coordinator

After spending the day I’m realizing that I actually learned a lot of new ways and ideas, and kind of a whole general philosophy of how to help my families be more excited and engaged in their kids’ learning

Kindergarten Teacher

Today, 3 days before our families came in, my entire staff feels so confident about ways to connect with families and I think we now have purpose and intention in looking at ways we connect with families that we would not have gotten had we just bought technology.

Christi Brzycki

Ready to empower your staff to engage families in ways that improve student learning?

Learn how you can equip your staff with effective strategies to family engagement. Our team can walk you through the available course options and their curriculums, so you can determine what will work best for your staff.

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Free Technology Guide

App Overload: Why K-12 School Districts, Parents, and Teachers Need a Better Way to Engage

K-12 school districts need a unified solution that gives families the equivalent of a front-row seat or a window into the school.

Finding the right platform to facilitate this level of engagement can be challenging because there are so many different factors to consider. That's why our guide has narrowed down the four main capabilities your K-12 Engagement platform must have, and examines the best practices for K-12 school districts to implement a platform. Simply enter your email to download the guide.

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Actionable Professional Learning to Improve Family Engagement

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Online professional development training for schools and districts that's focused on practical family engagement approaches and tailored to meet the individual needs of teachers and leaders.

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Equip your school or district with effective strategies to engage families!

Ask about our regional and state-wide training options as well!

Ask about our regional and state-wide training options!

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Better Professional Learning for Today's Teachers, Leaders, and Family Ambassadors

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Empower Schools to Engage Families in Student Learning

This isn't just about research and principles. Livingtree's professional development prepares staff to use effective practices that engage families as a core component of your school or district, featuring:

  • Training that meets the needs of today's online environment.
  • Course curriculums tailored to individual staff roles.
  • Asynchronous learning so that staff can confidently learn at their own pace, anywhere, anytime.
  • Data and course reporting so that administrators can track specific learning and progress.

Overcome Critical Barriers to Family Engagement

Sometimes family engagement feels like an insurmountable task - schools often struggle with implementing family engagement as a core practice, or they lack sufficient knowledge and training among their staff about how the research translates into practice. Livingtree's professional development prepares schools to overcome these barriers.

Family engagement isn’t truly effective until it becomes a core component of the school, instead of an add-on or temporary initiative. Staff learn to apply authentic family engagement practices as a Community of Practice.

Make Family Engagement a Core Practice

Prepare all Staff to Effectively Engage Families

Provide Tailored Training and Practical Strategies

Teacher pre-service lacks thorough family engagement training, leaving teachers without knowledge of best practice. Schools and districts can efficiently train all staff to engage families.

Family engagement training options are limited, and often only cover the research and principles. Teachers, leaders, and family ambassadors can finally participate in training tailored to their role and learn how to apply best practices.