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Donation Poster Ideas For Your Next Team Fundraiser

Posters are a great way to promote your team’s fundraising event. They convey all the relevant information about your fundraiser, they build awareness about your good cause, and they can be used in both print and digital formats.

Posters can be professionally made or you can tackle them yourself with either art supplies or computer apps. Either way, here are some things to keep in mind.

When making any poster, remember to cover the 5Ws about your event: who is the event for, what is the event, where is it, when is it, why are you having your event (who benefits, where is the money going), what is the goal, and how much the event costs. We collected some great donation poster ideas to help get you started, from new trends to time-tested tactics.

Most posters need an illustration or some eye-catching images and colors to make them stand out. All text should be in a clear readable font.

QR codes have made a comeback and having a QR code on your donation poster that connects to more information about your event, contact information, or even your donation letter and donation page gives your supporters another way to connect with your fundraising event.

Any poster made using a computer app and template can be saved as a file to be shared on social media. Hand-made posters can be used for social media posts as well, just take a clear picture in a well lit area to use your hand-made poster in digital form.

Equipped with this information, let’s check out some inspiration with these donation poster ideas.

This poster from FICU is great because you immediately know what the fundraiser is: A backpack and school supply drive. A closer look tells you when the donation window is, where to donate, who will benefit and how to get more information.

You can almost taste the syrup on these pancakes promoting this Lions Club Pancake breakfast. The eye-catching graphic is a perfect fit for this gorgeous and informative poster. At a glance, you can find when, where, and how much the breakfast is. You know where the proceeds are going and there is the extra bonus of knowing that someone in the community is matching funds as well. This poster also gives a link to be able to donate directly to the cause.

The Indiana School for the Deaf High School Volleyball program made this poster with a smiling red car against a neutral background for a real pop to advertise their car wash and it makes sure you know all donations go to their team.

This TUSD poster matched their yellow school color to basketball orange to get the word out about their students vs. staff basketball game. They made sure to include what snacks would be available to their hungry fans and players. It also asks for volunteers and donations and gives a link to be able to connect with the fundraising team.

Webb PTO features an agricultural theme on this Family Harvest Fair poster. They take this opportunity to put their event sponsors front and center on this poster while giving information about suggested donation amounts and where the donations will be going.

This downloadable book drive donation poster uses clear print and graphics to attract attention while having space to customize for when and where the book drive is. When it comes to donation poster ideas, don’t forget your digital options!

This donation poster idea uses the traditional style of a “WANTED” poster to collect donations for a Kindergarten. This poster outlines exactly what nonperishable food items they want to collect to be able to meet the needs of the Kindergarten students they are collecting canned goods donations for.

Animals tug at the heartstrings on this Smith County Humane Society poster doing triple duty asking for auction donations and also announcing the dates and times of the auction and pancake breakfast to benefit the animals at the humane society.

When the ICSV was gathering donations for their mission trip, they were sure to share why they were asking for kites – because Romanian children specifically asked for kites.

A well-done, creative fundraising flyer can be an important tool in your fundraising campaign toolbox, bringing awareness to your event and giving your potential all the information they need to support your event. We hope these donation poster ideas spark your creativity!

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