Improve School Communication by Eliminating Parent Apps and Logins

Parent access to technology, as well as their motivation to adopt and engage your school software systems, can have a major impact on the effectiveness of your school communications. Generally speaking, most leaders and educators know that effective parent communication plays a key role when it comes to family engagement. But effective communications start with your school’s or district’s ability to reach every parent and family.

Are Apps a Barrier to Parent Communication?

If you use a school communication system that requires parents to log in or download an app to receive your messages, then you already have a barrier that might be preventing you from reaching every parent and family. With the busy lives of today’s families and the number of different accounts that they already manage, some parents might simply never take the time to log in to set up their account. Meanwhile, other parents might prefer or even require that their communications be delivered through a different method such as text message.

That’s one of the biggest problems when it comes to certain parent communication apps. If parents are required to download an app to engage with their child’s teacher or school communications, then it’s possible that you aren’t reaching every parent and family. A few of the popular parent apps, like Classdojo for example, limit parent interactions to a web browser or their mobile application and require parents to sign up to get started. These scenarios aren’t very equitable for all families, especially those that can more easily access an email or an SMS text message as compared to an app.

Removing the Barrier of Parent Apps and Logins

To equitably and effectively communicate with families, parents should not only receive school communications in the method that they prefer, but they should also be able to automatically receive them without having to download an app or log in somewhere. That’s why it’s important to evaluate the school communication apps and systems used in your schools and classrooms, and to choose one that all parents and families can easily engage with.

A school communication platform like Livingtree Engage, for example, will allow parents to use it without downloading an app or logging in online to view their communications. When parents and families are enrolled in Livingtree Engage at the beginning of each year, they don’t have to immediately log in. Parents automatically receive text and email notifications, where they can view and respond to school communications and events. So, at the most basic level, all that parents need are a phone or an email to start receiving their school communications.

Livingtree No Login Required

Livingtree Engage includes the option within the SMS text message to view messages and events on a secure web page without ever logging in. Parents can easily type and send messages to their child’s teacher or staff from the secure web page simply by verifying their phone number. This provides added functionality for parents within a secure online environment.

Parents can create a fully customized school communication experience by logging into their Livingtree Engage account and adjusting their preferences. They can receive school communications in over 100 languages via app, web, text, or email, allowing every parent to receive school communication exactly the way they want it!

If you are looking to provide equitable school communication that makes it easy for all parents to stay involved, Livingtree is here to help you make it happen!

Livingtree Engage School Communication Computer-App

There are two options to get started with the Livingtree Engage school communication platform. With the free parent-teacher communication option, teachers can communicate with parents without any costs, subscriptions, or ads. There are also school and district communication platform plans to unify parent communication and improve family engagement across all schools and classrooms. Click one of the options below to learn more about enhancing communication in your school community!

Enhanced School Communication the Way Parents Want

Managing school notifications and parent communications is a frustrating task for many K-12 families. With so many different school notifications, it doesn’t take much to overload the phone of a busy parent. However, schools and districts must tackle the challenge of reaching every parent in their preferred channel, AND in their preferred language.

Families Frustrated by School Communication App Overload

Here’s our theory: Parents will always have a better experience if school communication fits their needs. So, school communications should reach families in the way they want to be reached.

That’s why over the last year, Livingtree made significant enhancements to the Livingtree Engage school communication platform’s SMS text messaging so that every message reaches parents based on their preferred channel, whether that be SMS text message, email, or in app.

So if you’ve seen this message in your Livingtree Engage account, that means your messages are being sent and delivered to parents in whatever method they prefer, including SMS text messages.

Livingtree SMS Text Messaging Enhancement Notification

This major enhancement makes it easy for administrators and educators to create and send school communications. When creating a message to send to parents, you don’t have to select how it will be sent. Instead, the message is automatically delivered in the preferred method of each parent. And like always, the messages are automatically translated into 100+ languages regardless of whether a parent receives it via an SMS text message, email, or in-app.

The best part is that parents can easily set and adjust their preferences for how they’d like to receive messages and notifications. That way, they can choose to receive messages in whatever channel suits them best, and schools don’t have to worry about overwhelming parents with notifications. So the parent who likes to receive messages through every channel, and the parent who wants to receive communications in just one place, can both adjust their settings to meet their needs.

What about parents who don’t want to receive every single message, and would rather just see each day’s communications in one message? Livingtree Engage provides that option as well! In their preferences, parents can select whether they’d like to receive a Daily Summary email of Livingtree activities. This option sends an email to parents at the end of each day with a complete summary of the activities from that day.

Livingtree Daily Summary Email Parent Preference

In addition to providing parents the ability to control how they receive their school communications, the Livingtree Engage SMS text messaging enhancement makes it so that parents don’t even have to download an app or login to the platform to view and respond to school communications. Families can easily view school communications along with all file and media attachments, respond to school messages, and even view and interact with upcoming events.

This is a big advantage to some school communication apps and school notification systems that only focus on sending SMS text messages. Livingtree Engage incorporates features like a calendar for events, volunteering and sign-ups, and parent polling. It also ensures that parents can receive translated communications and have two-way communication capabilities. And of course, this is all unified within one communication platform so that parents don’t have to juggle other classroom communication apps and methods, especially as they move from teacher to teacher and school to school.

If you are looking to enable parents to receive communication in the way that best suits their needs, or want a better way to communicate with parents, Livingtree is here to help you make it happen!

Livingtree Engage School Communication Computer-App

There are two options to get started with the Livingtree Engage platform. With the free parent-teacher communication option, teachers can communicate with parents without any costs, subscriptions, or ads. There are also school and district communication platform plans to unify parent communication and improve family engagement across all schools and classrooms. Click one of the options below to learn more about enhancing communication in your school community!

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