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6 Donation Message Ideas to Inspire You

As you think about seeking out donations for your organization, the way you write your donation message can be the difference it takes to turn a potential donor into an actual donor. While it can be challenging to come up with creative donation message ideas, the communication you send can build the connection between your target audience and the important work that you’re doing. 

When you compose your next communication, be it emails, bulletins, or mailers, consider these six helpful donation message ideas that are sure to inspire your writing. 

Make It Personal 

The more personal you can make your communication with your potential donors, the more likely they are to relate to your message and make the connection to your organization. This starts with simple donation message ideas like using your potential donor’s first name, and even mentioning specifics about how they came to be on your mailing list.

Fortunately, there are features you might be able to use that will help create separate lists for people who signed up online, made a previous donation, or attended an event, just to name a few. Utilizing that specific copy in your emails or mailers can help make a potential donor feel more important. For example – show your appreciation to those people who have made a previous generous donation with a “thank you” message in your current donation request letter.

But it’s not just information about the donor you should consider making more personal. Adding personal touches like an actual signature from your Director or staff member, or even sharing a bit about yourself in the opening or closing, are both great ways to customize your message and help create that much-needed connection donors need. If you feel comfortable, a photo of your director or even your entire team is a personal touch that can go a very long way in putting a face to the work that you’re doing.

Tell Your Story

Whether you’re sharing the story of why your organization was founded or just a small, personal anecdote of why you might be sending out this particular communication, potential donors like to hear the “why” behind the work that you are doing. When it comes to great donation message ideas, sharing why this fundraising idea is important to you can help people make the decision to give. Your story can help find personal connections, which can make a potential donor more apt to support your cause. 

And if you’re able to segment out your lists, you can share a different story for each, that’s more relatable to that specific group of people. As you’ve probably already experienced, different parts of your story are appealing to different types of people, so be sure to consider that approach when you create your message.

Know Your Audience 

You’ll definitely want your fundraising letters to appeal to the specific audience you’re trying to reach. Think about their demographic information, like age or location, and consider those details when you’re writing your email or direct mail mailer. 

Also, don’t forget to think about the ways in which your audience typically likes to make their donations. Some might prefer the ease of an online link, while others might prefer to have their donation delivered, either in person or through the mail. Consider if your past fundraising goal included in-kind donation, recurring donation, cash donation, or matching gifts.

Tap Into Your Audience’s Interests

Going beyond basic demographic information, think about your audience’s interests. From activities to hobbies, even favorites like celebrities or television shows, or something as simple as the weather,  the more that you know about your audience, the more you’ll be able to grab their attention with your communication. 

Is your audience likely to be part of a national council? Check out what resources there are at a national level and create a feeling of inclusion with the larger group. 

If a potential donor receives an email or mailer that connects with the interests and hobbies that they personally enjoy, they’re more likely to make that important connection to the important work that you’re doing. 

Be Conversational 

When it comes to the language you’re using to write your communication with your potential donors, you’ll definitely want to be more conversational in your voice and tone. While you might not necessarily want to write something that’s super informal (maybe skip the emojis, depending on your audience), using an approach that feels more casual can make the potential donor feel more like they’re part of the interaction as opposed to being talked to. 

Make It Easy

Include a donation form in your fundraising letter. This will allow your prospective donor set their donation amount and get their charitable donation to you with quickness and ease. If you are doing online fundraising, be sure to add a link to your donation page. Is there a way to add a text donation to your fundraising effort? That’s an up-and-coming way to connect to donors.

Donation message ideas that convert donors can take a little bit of time and energy. But if you’re able to write an email or mailer that’s personal and conversational, plus keep your audience in mind and tap into their personal interests, you’ll have a great start in establishing that important connection.

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