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7 Cheerleading Fundraisers Perfect for Spring and Summer

Whether you need new uniforms or want to take your team to camp, cheerleading fundraisers are the perfect way to help get your cheerleading squad to the next level.

Here are seven creative cheerleading fundraising ideas for spring and summer that you can easily plan and execute with your squad and help raise money for your season.  

Hip-Hip-Hooray for These Cheerleading Fundraisers

1. Choreograph custom cheers

One great cheerleading fundraiser idea is to offer up the opportunity to sponsor a unique cheer that the team choreographs together. Because this can take a lot of time and effort, these are definitely limited-edition offerings. Give opportunities for donors to add someone’s name or a nostalgic cheer or routine from their high school days. 

If choreographing a custom cheer is too difficult for your team, you could offer naming rights of specific cheers to potential donors. A parent or team member announces the cheer and the donor’s name at performances as a way to thank supporters for their donation. 

2. Offer up the best seat for specific games 

Another great fundraising idea is hosting an auction every month where the highest bidder can get the best seat at home games. These fundraisers have great profit margins since there is nothing to buy. Decorate the seat for the winner, include pom-poms so they can be a cheerleader from the crowd and other fun ways for them to participate in the games, and offer products like a drink voucher at your concession stand or a unique seat cushion to round out the special night. 

Another fun idea is to take their photo in the seat and share it on social media as a way to promote the auction for the next month’s game. Create a link to the auction so that it’s easy for anyone to participate. 

3. Sell branded seat cushions 

Your squad might be interested in purchasing branded spirit gear like hats, t-shirts, or hoodies. However, a branded seat cushion is something that many families might see as something they need (versus something they want). Sitting in the stands during games can be uncomfortable on a hard, cold metal bleacher. Creating branded seat cushions with your squad colors and logo can be a useful product to sell for your cheerleading fundraising idea.  

4. Hire a photographer 

While your squad might already take photos, consider hiring a local photographer willing to offer their services at a discounted rate or even donate their time and have them take photos during games. Give families the chance to purchase candid action photos of the squad doing their thing on the field. Have a photographer do headshots or even family portraits on the field for a cheerleading fundraising idea that captures memories of your cheerleading team.

5. Set up a concession stand 

You may have already set up a concession stand at your home games to help fundraise money for your team. But a fun twist is having squad members walk through the stands selling water or snacks during the games, like at a professional sporting event. This adds a level of convenience for your potential customers and gives your squad an opportunity to interact with the fans. Have your team create a special cheer for when other squad members are walking through the stands to get the audience excited. 

6. Pair up with a local restaurant or business 

Many restaurants offer fundraising event opportunities, where teams can earn money back on a specific night for customers who eat there and mention the team. This can be an easy fundraising idea for your team to get donations without having to plan an actual event. These raise money for your cheer team and all you have to do is get the word out. 

Also think about local businesses that offer products and services related to cheerleading, whether it’s a dance supply shop or a fitness center. Work with them to be the “official” supplier of your team in exchange for publicity and advertising. Another way local businesses can support your cheer team is to offer a small donation for every person who mentions your team when they purchase or sign up.

7. Sell personalized team spirit gear 

Everyone loves team spirit gear, but the more personalized you can make it, the better. Be sure to offer the option for a team member’s name or nickname on hats, t-shirts, or sweatshirts. Stickers can also include the team member’s name. Any products that you can offer that allow friends and family to customize it is always a worthwhile addition.

High school cheerleading is a growing sport that needs good funding to keep teams competitive, and these cheerleading fundraisers should get you to your fundraising goal.

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