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10 Creative Auction Item Ideas To Wow Your Donors

An auction event is a highly effective way to fundraise for your organization. Certain auction item ideas typically do better than others when bringing in the most bids and highest donations. If you’re looking to turn your donor into the winning bidder, these 10 unique silent or live ideas can lead you to a successful event!

1. Limo ride or black car service

Picking an experience that feels like a luxury is a great idea. Offering a gift certificate for a limo ride or even an Uber black car is a fun auction item the donor could use for a birthday party, date night, or family celebration to make it extra special. 

2. Backstage passes

Tickets to various events are always a popular auction item idea. Still, if you can add a VIP or backstage experience where the guest gets to meet the cast, team, or artist, you’re offering something special, making this quite a coveted auction item. 

3. Family photoshoot

While families often think about getting photos done, you can make it easy for them with a gift card for a session with a local photographer. Offer a session, digital or printed photos, or even a photo book to make the entire package More enticing for a potential donor

4. Hard-to-get event tickets

Another great auction item idea is event tickets. Tickets can be a big item at a silent auction, bringing in a flurry of bids, m. Your best option is to buy tickets to sold-out events or tickets that are typically extremely hard to get. Plan far in advance, and purchase the tickets before they sell out, giving you the best opportunity to get the highest donation possible at your auction.

5. Sports memorabilia (especially for a local team) 

If it’s got an autograph by a favorite athlete or sports star, then there’s a good chance you’ll get lots of bids, especially if the item happens to be from a local team. Make the item more appealing with an in-person signing session of the item they win for a special bonus. 

6. Lessons 

Is there a music teacher, art teacher, or even horseback riding instructor (just to name a few) in your town who is usually booked out for months? Find one willing to donate a month’s worth of lessons to your lucky recipient, and you could definitely see high bidding at your live or silent auction. Beyond lessons, think about offering coaching sessions or even a 1:1 meeting with a coveted coach or trainer.

7. A “year-of” services 

Your thrifty attendees will greatly appreciate the opportunity to bid on a “year-of” certain services. Think car washes or oil changes from a local business owner. Anything that most people will typically need frequently over the course of the year is perfect for this. These types of offerings that aren’t typically available to regular customers will be an enticing auction item, especially for the practically-minded donor.  

8. Celebrity Zoom meet-ups 

Do you have connections with a popular celebrity? Or perhaps a celebrity who’s connected with some nostalgia for your guests? Whether it’s an actor, an athlete, or even a local TV or radio host, have them do a 15-minute Zoom meet-up. Offer as many of these sessions as your celebrities are game for. These sessions can be enjoyed by people no matter where they live. 

9. Meal service

Who doesn’t like the idea of prepared meals being delivered right to their home? Talk to a local caterer or restaurant willing to offer up a few days or a week’s worth of meals to a lucky auction winner. This could be especially enticing if the caterer offers up options for families with allergies or eating limitations. 

10. Technology 

While an iPhone, iPad, or fancy camera may not be the most creative auction item, they’re certainly extremely popular. Include a service contract, or a special case and headphones, and you can turn this into a droolworthy auction item idea.

An auction is a great fundraising idea, and with these fabulous charity auction items, you are sure to get the highest bid amount.

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