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15 Auction Basket Theme Ideas for Every Season

Anyone seeking to generate money for a non-profit organization, booster club, youth sports team, or PTA/PTO knows that fundraisers happen year-round. One great way to get donors excited and drive significant donations is to offer auction baskets. Who doesn’t love a friendly competition to support their favorite cause?

Auction baskets are a great way to involve your school community in your fundraiser. Asking local businesses to donate items rallies the community around a common cause and gives donors the chance to win something local that appeals to them personally. In other words, everyone wins—especially your organization.

Themed auction baskets are a popular tactic for fundraising events. We know how fun it can be to brainstorm auction basket theme ideas, but we also know what it feels like when that creative well runs dry. We’re here to help get you started with some great ideas for every season.

Spring Themed Auction Basket Ideas

Gardening Basket 

After a long winter inside, once those warm days creep in, it’s time to get out and enjoy it. In a sturdy bucket or watering can add a wide brim hat, sunscreen, gloves, knee pads, hand tools, plant markers, regional seeds, and a book about gardening in your area for a raffle basket to bring in spring.

Bird Watching Basket 

Spring means the return of the birds! A hummingbird feeder, a birdhouse, black oil sunflower seeds, and books about birds will make the bird lover sing with joy that spring is back!

Get Outside and Enjoy Spring Basket

Want to be outside but have the dreaded “nothing to do”? A jump rope, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, frisbees, discs for frisbee golf, kites, bug spray, and sunscreen will get your basket winner started on enjoying spring outdoors. 

Summer Auction Basket Theme Ideas

Camping Gift Basket

Get ready for adventure! Depending on your location and season, this basket can be geared for both sun and snow. Fill a wagon, cooler, or fire pit with s’mores fixings, roasting forks, fire logs, air mattress, tent, campground or rental cabin gift certificates, dishes, cookware, sunscreen, sunglasses, bug spray, sturdy chairs, fishing gear, hiking gear … wherever your heart can take you. Top it off with an “I’d rather be camping” T-shirt to enjoy the basket year round!

Swim Day Basket 

Whether the beach or the pool, this basket is sure to spark joy on a hot summer day. In a large colorful tote, add towels, sunscreen, sunglasses, goggles, hats, balls, pool noodles, and insulated cups for a day of summer fun.

4th of July Basket 

Go for the big bang with a firework basket full up on all the loud and beautiful fun. Think snaps and parachutes to delight the younger ones, and firecrackers and fountains for the older kids and adults. Go for a basket with the funniest or strangest named fireworks. You’ll have a ball finding crazy named 4th of July fireworks. 

Tropical Drink Gift Basket 

In a small cooler, add coconut or other tropical fruit-flavored rum or other alcohol with pineapple juice, margarita, or daiquiri mix. Colorful durable outdoor glasses with a pitcher and mixing supplies will make it 5 o’clock somewhere this summer.

Fall Themed Auction Basket Ideas

Get Ready for School Basket 

Fill a backpack with everything a student would need to start a new school year, semester, trimester, or quarter. School supplies, spirit gear, books, calculators, snacks, and water bottles are great! These baskets are especially good for the student making a transition to Kindergarten, Middle School, or High School!

Homecoming Basket 

If your school is one that has Homecoming in the Fall during football season, you know what an event this can be! Special spirit gear and front row seats to the game can be a real treat for the returning alumni or community supporters. If you have extra yearbooks from the past, these can be included to send your basket winner back in time to relive their own high school days. 

Texas -Sized Homecoming Basket 

Texas parents know that Homecoming means mums. HUGE mums! Use your talents to make a truly amazing Homecoming mum, combined with gift certificates for a local dinner and tickets to the dance, to send your young people off in style!

Local Fall Festival Basket 

If your community has a fall festival, include tickets for the shows, the kids’ areas, and the drink tent along with a list of vendors and attractions to bring some local joy to your families. 

Winter Basket Ideas

Winter Fun Basket 

Pack a sled with hats, gloves, hand warmers, hot cocoa, and some insulated cups to send the kids and kids at heart out for a winter day.

Winter Movie Basket 

Include winter movies like Frozen, A Christmas Story, or Last Holiday in a basket along with a heated blanket and movie snacks for a cozy night in. 

New Year’s Basket 

New Year’s Day is a fresh start for many. New calendars for the wall, day planners, journals, colorful pens, markers, and stickers can get this basket winner to dreaming about their upcoming year. 

Yarn Lover’s Basket 

Combine yarn, knitting needles, crochet hooks, and a couple of patterns in a yarn bowl to keep the crafter busy through the winter months.

We hope this list gave you some ideas to inspire you to create your own auction basket or raffle basket that’s the talk of your next fundraising event!

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