Hurricane Relief

When Hurricane Harvey came ashore August 25, 2017, an estimated $180 Billion in damage across 300 miles resulted. The damage included 200,000 homes and over 300 schools. As the school year progresses and the initial and incredible rush of support depletes, there are still many educators and families in need. Many students have lost everything and are trying to start a new school year with no supplies and limited clothing. This is near and dear to our hearts as many of these school communities have been part of our LivingTree family for years. At this point in time, these communities are asking for gift cards and/or funds to help students in need return to a sense of normalcy. Allowing these students to purchase uniforms, choose their own backpack, and select school supplies will help them return to the classroom ready for the year. A few communities have shared their needs with us. Please see below for requests and more details.

Crosby ISD  – Crosby ISD has a few unwanted distinctions from Hurricane Harvey including the highest rainfall ever recorded for a storm – 55”. They also had the ARKEMA plant where evacuations occurred due to chemical explosions. 51 student families and 9 staff members were severely impacted by Hurricane Harvey – many have lost everything they own. The district has been able to help with food and is beginning to address clothing needs. However, they still have students existing without roofs or beds (tents). They’re working to pair each family with a sponsor – the need is that great. Contact: Karen Walthall, Principal –

Calallen ISD – Calallen ISD is in Corpus Christi, TX close to where Hurricane Harvey first came ashore. Calallen has had an influx of new students who lost everything in the storm. These students are in need of uniforms and supplies. Calallen ISD has requested Wal-Mart gift cards in $25 increments to provide to families as children come back to school. The local Wal-Mart carries uniforms and supplies needed by these students. Please send the gift cards to the address below:

Attn: Annie Swetish-Rivera
Administration Building
4205 Wildcat Drive
Corpus Christi, TX 78410

Port Aransas ISD – Port Aransas had damage to the majority of homes and structures. They’re looking for gift cards and funds to help students return to school. Donations can be made directly to the district:

Meghan Zigmond

Houston ISD – Houston ISD had 200 school facilities sustain damage from Hurricane Harvey. As some students were welcomed back to school September 11, 2017, many facilities were still inoperable. HISD has asked for funds to be donated centrally at:

Mandarin Immersion School – The Mandarin Immersion School is part of Houston ISD and has many families who lost everything in the Houston flooding. They have set up a fund to provide these families support for clothing and supplies as families wait for up to two months to work with insurance adjusters to chart a path forward. Donate here:

Horn Elementary – Horn Elementary is located in Houston ISD with many families impacted by Hurricane Harvey flooding. Their Parent Teacher Organization is distributing funds to families in need to purchase clothing and supplies:

Msgr. Kelly Catholic HS – Msgr. Kelly Catholic HS in Beaumont, TX is a co-ed school of 440 students.  The school sustained water damage in nearly every classroom resulting in all the carpeting and floor tile being removed. The school has 6-8 staff and about 25 students/families who sustained significant flood damage to their homes. They’re seeking financial assistance in the form of money or gift cards to help families rebuild. Contact: Roger Bemis, Principal –

Katy ISD – 75% of Katy, TX flooded during Hurricane Harvey. 15,007 students and 2,600 employees of Katy ISD are recovering from direct impact of the storm. Funds are needed to rebuild schools (16 flooded campuses) and immediately to help families with clothing and supplies. Donate here:

Diocese of Beaumont – Diocese of Beaumont is a mission Diocese with five schools. The high school and two schools PK3 – grade 8 had floodwater. About 50 staff members lost everything to flooding along with 130+ families. They have removed floors and wet walls, abated asbestos, sanitized and cleaned everything. It’s not pretty, but they’ve worked hard for students to return to school the week of 9/12. Many of their families still need significant financial help. Contact: Marcia Stevens, Superintendent of Catholic Schools –

As we work together to support communities in need, please let us know if Hurricanes Harvey or Irma impacted your school community and you have specific needs by emailing We share specific needs on our public social media channels – Facebook and Twitter. Thank you!

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  1. Paul Burt

    Kudos to LivingTree for helping!

  2. Heather Mathis

    I would like more information on how my school district could sponsor a school for the year. I am an assistant principal in Cicero, IL and our district would like to adopt a district, school, or a multitude of classrooms if possible.

    1. Cullen Childress

      Heather, this is wonderful news! Please email our CEO, Joni Carswell, at
      She will provide more information and connect you with a school. Thank you for your kindness!

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