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How to Pre-approve School Fundraising Requests From Any Programs

Livingtree Give’s new feature centralizes fundraising procedures and equips school districts with a comprehensive process to pre-approve fundraising requests from any programs or sites like DonorsChoose, GoFundMe, SnapRaise, and more

AUSTIN, TX, October 7, 2019 – Livingtree, a fundraising management and family engagement platform for schools and districts, announces its latest effort in providing innovative and efficient solutions for school district fundraising. With the implementation of this new feature, school districts will be able to directly pre-approve requests made for any fundraising website by a teacher or school program and access valuable data regarding the district’s fundraising activities.

Set to release this month, the original Livingtree Give district approval process will now be extended to include fundraising campaign requests for any site, platform, or program. When teachers, teams, clubs, or school programs submit a fundraising campaign on the Livingtree Give platform, the campaign will go through a completely customized, multi-step approval process set by the school district. The centralized system allows school districts to keep track of fundraisers and what is being requested. It also provides important data as to what programs and platforms are being utilized, the average campaign and donation amounts, as well as the fees being charged. All of this data can help school districts make financial and budgetary resolutions, as well as decisions about their policies and procedures to promote equitable giving and opportunities for students.

Since its inception, online fundraising has created enormous opportunities to fund additional educational items, experiences, and even areas where school district funding otherwise may fall short. However, its rapid growth has also created some potentially complex situations for school districts, forcing many to search for solutions and implement policies that protect their fundraising organizers, students, and donors. Overseeing and reconciling campaigns has become an overwhelming process to implement and typically leaves the districts struggling to coordinate and track campaigns.

“There are a lot of moving parts that make online fundraising a complex problem for school districts, and districts are in need of a better way to coordinate with and protect those who organize fundraisers,” said Gary Hensley, CEO and President of Livingtree, Inc. “The first step for any district looking to support and protect their fundraising efforts is to implement an approval process. We’ve made it both automated and easy to ensure that fundraisers are being properly reviewed, tracked, and recorded. This feature becomes powerful because administrators will have access to important data for insight into what is happening in their district.”

This new feature provides school districts who use the fundraising management platform with additional oversight of the fundraising activities on any site or program. Regardless of whether the fundraiser is a classroom crowdfunding site, a product sales program, an in-school “Fund-A-Thon,”  or directly from the parent Livingtree Give site, all requests can be streamlined through one central location. Districts no longer have to worry about the manual request process for campaigns outside of the platform, and now have reports and snapshots of the fundraising data at their fingertips.

About Livingtree
Founded in 2012, Livingtree’s mission is to improve the learning lives of students so they can succeed beyond the classroom. Through its family engagement platform Livingtree Engage, and its fundraising platform Livingtree Give, Livingtree aims to serve and connect school communities. The Livingtree Give platform, originally known as Edbacker, is used by school districts across the country to manage and support the fundraising efforts of teachers, teams, clubs, and programs in schools. It was recognized by EdTech Digest as an Award Finalist in the 2019 Administrative Solution category.

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