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Infographic: What You Need To Know About School Crowdfunding

What You Need to Know About School Crowdfunding

Whether you are a district administrator, a school administrator, an educator, or even a community member, chances are you’ve seen an online fundraising campaign from one of your local school classrooms or programs. With the reported rise in school crowdfunding campaigns across the country, it’s clear that this new avenue of fundraising is a great opportunity to fund additional materials and experiences for K-12 students. However, the sea of crowdfunding sites and lack of consistent controls specific to raising money for public school entities has raised a number of concerns about the potential liabilities associated with this type of fundraising. These concerns have led some districts to put holds or even bans on the crowdfunding efforts of their schools.

With so much opportunity for schools to quickly and easily raise funds, it’s best to understand the full picture, including why crowdfunding is so necessary today, how crowdfunding can help schools and students, and what liability issues to look for. Find everything you need to know about school crowdfunding in the infographic below!

What You Need To Know About School Crowdfunding-Infographic

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